Wine of the Week MR de Compostella 2021 with Bruwer Raats

Winona Griggs

Discover the MR de Compostella 2021 – Wine of the Week

Have you ever wondered how a celestial spectacle can be captured in a bottle? Well, let me introduce you to the MR de Compostella 2021, a wine that embodies the magic of the stars and the beauty of the South African vineyards.

A Journey through Time and Nature

Picture this: under the enchanting gaze of the 2021 growing season at Raats Family Wines, select pockets of Bordeaux varieties thrive slowly, taking their time to ripen. The cool nights embrace the grapes, caressing them with icy affection, leading to an infusion of vibrant acidity and a structure that promises years of enjoyment.

But that’s not all. When the sun rises, its warm rays bathe the vineyards, coaxing the flavors to deepen and intensify. The result? A harmonious symphony of concentrated fruit that bursts with flavor and complexity. It’s a vintage that will go down in history as one of the greatest South African expressions.

A Friendship Forged in wine

Let me share a fascinating story. MR de Compostella is not only a wine; it’s a testament to a remarkable friendship. Mzokhona Mvemve and Bruwer Raats, long-time friends and visionaries, embarked on a winemaking journey together, culminating in the birth of this extraordinary creation.

The name ‘MR’ is a tribute to these two kindred spirits. Derived from “Compostella,” which means “field of stars,” it encapsulates the awe-inspiring sight of the Milky Way stretching across our southern skies. But the name goes even deeper; it reflects the meticulous approach and attention to detail that underpins every step of the winemaking process.

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So, dear wine lover, if you seek a celestial experience like no other, immerse yourself in the MR de Compostella 2021. Let the stars guide you on a sensorial journey through the skies of South Africa, and savor the magic that unfolds in every sip.

Let’s begin our journey in the enchanting vineyards, where the story unfolds under the twinkling stars. Rows upon rows of grapevines stretch across the land, each one carefully planted with different varieties like cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot, malbec, and the esteemed cabernet franc. To ensure the perfect match, these vines are nestled in specific pockets of soil that suit their individual tastes. And there’s one soil type that stands out among the rest – the beautifully mysterious dolomitic-granite, akin to stardust itself.

“You see,” offers Raats, our guide and guardian of the vineyard, “our vineyards are a patchwork of small parcels. In one corner, you might find a row or two of cabernet sauvignon, and in another corner, a secret stash of malbec. It may seem impractical, but it’s this very uniqueness that allows us to work our magic.”

A meticulous dance

When I harvest each component, I make sure to mature them in separate barrels. It’s a meticulous process, blind tasting and scoring each wine individually. I treat it like surgery, carefully sculpting and cutting through layers of fruit and wood. It’s an art, really, because I’m striving to reveal the true essence of the vintage.

MR de Compostella has an impressive track record. It consistently earns high ratings and awards from both international and local critics. And let me tell you, the 2021 vintage might just be the best one yet.

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MR de Compostella 2021

This wine is like the wood of violins, with a hint of resin that brings out its freshly sanded essence. It’s as if you can taste the salty waves, the kelp, and the iodine. And then there’s the perfume of black cherries and midnight roses. It’s like music in a bottle. The blend of cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, merlot, and petit verdot is perfectly balanced, rising and falling in harmony. The wine has a medium body with a 14% alcohol content, giving it a lightness and freshness. But don’t be fooled, those tannins are like stones, promising years of aging and development.
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