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Discover the Best Mobile Apps for Ocean Enthusiasts

Hey there! I get it, stepping outside and immersing yourself in nature usually means unplugging and leaving all the digital distractions behind. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of being the odd one out, capturing breathtaking views on my iPhone while my friends give me disapproving looks. But hey, sometimes the urge to share those awe-inspiring moments on Flickr is just too strong!

When I think about disconnecting from technology, I realize that it’s not that I can’t do it, but rather that I have a deep appreciation for all that technology brings into our lives. It allows us to connect with an incredible amount of information and ideas from people all across the globe. But here’s the thing: we have the power to choose how we use technology. It doesn’t have to control us; we can control it. We are the ones who dictate what is produced based on our demands.

And you know what’s even more amazing? Technology isn’t just about convenience and entertainment. It plays a crucial role in addressing conservation and environmental issues. It serves as a powerful tool for mobilizing people and raising awareness. Through technology, we can come together, share knowledge, and take action to protect our planet.

Hey there! Today, I want to share with you a bunch of awesome apps that I discovered online. They all revolve around outdoor activities, the ocean, and environmental education. I loved them so much that I even downloaded them onto my various tech devices.

Now, here’s the deal – feel free to pick and choose whatever catches your fancy. Give these apps a try and let me know what you think! If you end up liking them, that’s fantastic. But if not, no worries at all. I’m curious to hear your honest opinions. And hey, if you stumble upon any other remarkable apps that I’ve never heard of, please do share them with me!

Ready for Some Ocean Fun? Check Out These Free Apps!

Magic Seaweed

When I talk to surfers about apps, one that always comes up is the surf forecast app. My husband, who loves to surf, swears by it. It’s considered by many to be the best app for checking surf reports, offering long-term forecasts for over 2,500 beaches worldwide. With a forecast that goes up to 10 days, you can easily see information like wind gust speed, atmospheric pressure, wind strength, and swell direction and size. It provides a ton of helpful information for both experienced surfers and beginners like myself who might not know much about things like atmospheric pressure.

You can download the app from iTunes or for Android


I’ve stumbled upon something interesting for all you folks who are curious about marine life or just want to learn more in a fun way. Duke University has created an innovative digital textbook about marine science specifically for the iPad. This awesome resource was originally designed for students, but now they’ve made it free for anyone to enjoy. It’s filled with bite-sized information about fascinating marine creatures like dolphins and whales. You’ll find species details, additional reading materials, and even Nat Geo Critter Cam videos for some species. It’s a perfect way to dive deeper into the world of marine megafauna! If you have an iPad, you can grab this digital textbook from iTunes, and they’re also working on developing versions for other devices. So stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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This morning, a scientist friend introduced me to this amazing app, and I wasted no time in downloading it on my phone. This app is all about transforming your habits to lead a greener, more sustainable, and money-saving lifestyle. It provides weekly green tips with customizable alerts based on your needs and schedule. For example, it can remind you to bring reusable bags when you go shopping. You can also set goals, track your progress, and share your impact with an online community and friends. I’m excited to try it out and see if I can make some positive changes in my habits.

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available for Apple devices on iTunes. Hopefully, an Android version will be released soon so that more people can benefit from it.

Now let me tell you about another app called Marine Debris Tracker. This app has great potential, especially in Africa. It was developed by the NOAA Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI). As the name suggests, this app allows you to record ocean debris from a pre-defined list of items. When you find debris on the beach or in the water, the app uses GPS to record the location. You can then submit this information to the Marine Debris Tracker Website for later viewing and download (registration is required, but you can do it directly from the app). Although it was initially designed for Americans, I managed to get it to work on my iPhone. I am curious to see if it will have any impact, considering that it is linked to an American database. What I love about this app is that it empowers ordinary people to play a vital role in monitoring our environment by reporting trash found on coastlines and waterways.

With its user-friendly interface and practical features, this app has the potential to create a positive change in our approach to environmental conservation. I highly recommend giving it a try and becoming part of the movement!

Hey there! Looking for a convenient way to make sustainable seafood choices? Look no further than SASSI! I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re this awesome organization that helps us find sustainable seafood options when we’re out grocery shopping or dining at restaurants. Pretty neat, right?

Now, they’re working on something super exciting – an app! But don’t worry, while they’re developing it, they’ve got other tools to help you out. I personally love their mobi-site. It’s so easy to use and understand. Plus, you can access their seafood database from any cell phone with Internet access. How convenient is that?

If you want to stay in the loop about the app’s release, make sure to follow them on Twitter – @WWF-SASSI. They’ll keep you updated with all the latest news and updates. So go ahead and download it from iTunes or get it for your Android device. Your sustainable seafood choices just got a whole lot easier!

If you’re looking for an alternative, you can try out the FishSMS service. Just ask your waiter or go to a supermarket and find out the name of the fish species. Once you have the name, send it in a text message to 079-499-8795. Shortly after, you’ll receive an SMS with information about whether the fish is ranked on the red, green, or yellow list. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app for iPhone or Android at the moment, but Blackberry users can take advantage of this option by visiting the provided link.

Now, let’s talk about the Shark net option.

Hey there, shark enthusiasts! I’ve got something exciting to share with you. This app is like a shark detector. It uses signals from special robots called wave gliders to track when a tagged shark gets close. And get this – you can see live updates of where the sharks are going! Plus, there’s a cool map that you can customize, and you can even check out 3D models of the different tagged sharks. Just double-tap to see them take a bite! The app also keeps a record of all the times people spot a specific shark. It’s pretty awesome.

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Now, there’s a catch – this app only covers the Californian coastline. Bummer, I know. But don’t worry, there’s still hope for us shark enthusiasts in South Africa. You can follow the OCEARCH Facebook page or check out their website. They’ve got a tracker page where they keep all the latest info on the sharks they’ve tagged in our waters.

If you’re ready for some shark action, you can download the app from iTunes. It’s a must-have for any shark lover!

Emergency Numbers South Africa

Hey there! I’ve got something super cool for you if you have a smartphone and ever find yourself in need of emergency help. Imagine having all your emergency contacts, like the police, fire department, doctor, or family, just a tap away. That’s exactly what this amazing app does!

With just one button, you can access a pre-registered list of your emergency contacts. And guess what? It even comes with automatic numbers for the police, fire department, ambulance, doctors, and dentists in your area. How awesome is that?

And that’s not all! This app covers over 500 towns and suburbs all around South Africa, so no matter where you are, you’ll be covered in case of an emergency. You can never be too prepared, right?

The best part is, this app is really easy for kids to use too. So you can rest assured that your little ones will be able to get the help they need if ever they’re in trouble.

Now, I couldn’t find the app for other platforms, but hey, don’t worry! You can always drop them an email at [email protected] to check if they have versions available for your device. How cool is that?


If you’re looking for an app that’s a go-to for surfers, fishermen, and sailors, I’ve got just the one. It’s a real game-changer, delivering accurate long-range marine forecasts that are essential for your ocean adventures.

What sets this app apart is its wealth of features. You’ll have access to detailed charts, wind and weather data, and everything you need to navigate the open seas. Available on both iTunes and Android, it’s a must-have for any water enthusiast.

SAS Survival Guide – Your Ultimate Nature Companion

Now, this app is a nature lover’s dream. It’s perfect for those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, whether on water or land. Designed by former SAS soldier and instructor, John Wiseman, it’s your ticket to acquiring essential survival skills.

In this app, you’ll find a treasure trove of knowledge. Learn how to identify animal tracks, tie crucial knots, administer first aid, and even navigate using the sun. It’s got a comprehensive guide on edible plants and medicinal herbs, with a warning on the ones best avoided. Plus, you’ll get valuable tips for surviving extreme environments.

In essence, this app is like having the renowned survival expert, Bear Grylls, in the palm of your hand. It’s your trusty companion for all your outdoor escapades!

Available on iTunes and Android!

Take a Dive into the Ocean

Hey there! Remember the amazing koi fish app on iPad? Well, hold onto your goggles because I’ve found something even more exciting – an ocean adventure like no other! Dive right in and explore the depths of the sea with this immersive 3D experience that’s not only thrilling but also educational.

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What sets this app apart is the ability to personalize your dive. You can choose from a variety of sea creatures to add to your underwater world (although there is a limit, so don’t go overboard!). Once you’re ready, get ready to interact with your new underwater friends in stunning 3D. Tap, pinch, drag, tilt – the power is in your hands! And if you’re feeling generous, you can even feed them or scatter them around.

Now, I do have to tell you that this fantastic app is only available on iTunes for all you Apple users out there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on Android devices. But hey, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you’re in for a treat! Just head over to iTunes and get ready to embark on a thrilling underwater adventure.

Keep Track of Your Dives

I’m amazed at what this thing can do, even though it costs R100. It gives you a digital version of your entire dive log, with all the details like your gear, time, and GPS location. You can easily transfer it to your computer and keep it safe. As a tech nerd, this is a dream come true because I always end up ruining or losing my dive logbooks. The only downside is that you can’t have your divemaster sign off on your dives using this app. It’s still good old-fashioned books for that. Unfortunately, tech divers might not find this app useful because it can’t track multiple tanks.

You can find this app on iTunes or for Android.

Apps about the ocean for kids


If I had kids, I would definitely want them to have this app. It’s an adorable app with beautiful illustrations that introduces them to the amazing sea creatures that live beneath the waves, all through the perspective of world champion surfer Shaun Tomson. It’s not just educational, it’s also really fun! The app includes catchy rhymes and songs that teach you about each sea creature, and it even has a cool feature called Storytalk. With Storytalk, up to four people can record their own voices, adding a personal touch to the experience. It’s a great way for the whole family to interact and have a blast together, although it might be a little tricky if someone in the family can’t carry a tune! Unfortunately, it’s currently only available for Apple devices, so Android users will have to wait. But if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can grab it from the iTunes store. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Check out iLive Math, Oceans

Hey there! I want to tell you about this amazing math app that was voted the best in 2010. It’s not your ordinary app – it’s a fun and interactive way to learn math while exploring the underwater world. Cool, right?

��This app has it all – more than 30 different sea creatures, links to educational resources, and even videos that will take you on an exciting underwater adventure. And the best part? You’ll be solving over 100,000 math word problems while you explore!

��Whether you’re learning addition, subtraction, or fractions, this app has got you covered. It’ll keep you engaged and entertained while building up your math skills. Plus, the math questions are randomly generated, so you’ll always have something new to solve.

��Ready to dive into the world of math and ocean creatures? You can download this app from iTunes or for Android. It’s super easy to get started and it’s a great way to make math more enjoyable. Trust me, you won’t be able to put it down!

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