The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Winona Griggs

The Tastiest Desserts in Cape Town

Who doesn’t love a mouthwatering dessert? From gooey chocolate fondants to butterkuchen and tangy lemon meringue, Cape Town has an array of delectable treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. As a dessert enthusiast myself, I have embarked on a tantalizing journey to discover the ultimate desserts in this vibrant city. So, without further ado, allow me to unveil my top picks for the most scrumptious puds in town. Prepare to indulge!

Aubergine Restaurant

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Delight in the Dessert: Chocolate gulgulas with a hint of green tea ice cream and a dollop of coconut sabayon
Why you’ll adore it The ever-changing eatery blends tastes from the East and Europe. Traditional Indian gulgulas, a scrumptious type of sweetened doughnut, filled with velvety dark chocolate. Served with a side of refreshing green tea ice cream and topped with a creamy coconut sabayon (a French twist on the Italian zabaione, which is a luscious sauce made with white wine, sugar, and egg yolks). A truly innovative fusion that bursts with mouthwatering flavors, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Good to remember Aubergine’s menu alters regularly, so while the chocolate gulgulas dessert is a local favorite, it may not always be available.
Keep in mind Aubergine takes a winter break from July 2nd to July 25th, 2016, so plan your visit accordingly.
Hours of operation Wednesday – Friday, 12pm – 2pm (September – April, excluding public holidays)
Monday – Saturday, 6pm – 10pm (closed two Mondays per month)
Get in touch 021 465 0000,
Location 39 Barnet Street, Gardens


Welcome to Foodbarn, a place where you and I can discover the delights of good food together.

When it comes to food, there’s so much to explore and enjoy. Food has the incredible ability to bring people together, to create connections and memories that last a lifetime. And that’s exactly what I want to share with you.

So, what makes Foodbarn special? Well, it’s simple really. I’m passionate about food, and I want to pass that passion onto you. I believe that food should be a source of joy, a way to nourish our bodies and our souls. And I want to help you find the very best food experiences out there.

At Foodbarn, it’s not just about the taste of the food. It’s about the stories behind the food, the people who create it, and the places it comes from. I’ll take you on a journey through the world of food, introducing you to new flavors, cuisines, and cultures along the way.

But I don’t just want to show you the best food. I want to empower you to make informed choices about what you eat. That’s why I’ll be sharing tips, advice, and recipes to help you discover your own culinary prowess. Whether you’re a beginner cook or a seasoned chef, there’s always something new to learn and explore together.

So, join me on this delicious adventure. Let’s dive into the world of food, one bite at a time. Together, we’ll create unforgettable food memories and discover the joy that comes from sharing good food with the ones we love. Are you ready to embark on this journey with me? Come on in, the table is set and the feast awaits. Welcome to Foodbarn, where food dreams come true.

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

The dessert: Plums with Pistachio Ice Cream

Why you’ll love it: This plum dessert is meticulously prepared by Franck Dangereux and the Foodbarn crew. It’s served in a delicious verbena syrup and comes with a side of pistachio ice cream, almond gratin, and granola. It’s a light and fruity dish that will satisfy all your dessert cravings.

Opening times: We are open daily from 12pm to 2.30pm, and on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7pm to 9.30pm.

Contact: You can reach us at 021 789 1390 or by emailing

Where to find it: Our restaurant is located at the corner of Village Lane and Noordhoek Main Road in Noordhoek.

Avontuur Estate

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

The dessert I absolutely adore Avontuur’s Deep Fried Ice Cream with butterscotch sauce. It’s simply irresistible! Imagine indulging in a heavenly combination of creamy vanilla ice cream, wrapped in crispy phyllo pastry, and gently deep-fried to a perfect golden brown. And to top it all off, the dessert is generously drizzled with a luscious buttery butterscotch caramel sauce. It’s a true delight for every sweet tooth!

Why you’ll love it This dessert is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The contrast of the warm, crispy exterior with the cool, velvety ice cream creates a delectable symphony of flavors and textures in every bite. It’s a dessert that brings together the best of both worlds – a combination of indulgence and pure culinary artistry. Whether you’re a fan of ice cream or love exploring unique desserts, this one is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

Good to know Avontuur’s roast duckling with Van der Hum sauce and caramelized orange is also a must-try. If you’re a fan of roast duck, this dish promises an explosion of flavor in every mouthful. The succulent duck meat, perfectly cooked and paired with the sweet and tangy notes of the Van der Hum sauce and caramelized orange, creates a harmonious blend that will leave you wanting another helping. Don’t forget to pair your meal with Avontuur’s 2015 sauvignon blanc. It’s an easy-drinking wine that perfectly complements the flavors of the dishes and offers great value for money at just R115 a bottle.

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Opening times Avontuur is open from Monday to Sunday, from 8.30am to 5pm. Whether you’re planning a brunch or an early dinner, you can count on Avontuur to satisfy your cravings for delicious food and drinks.

Contact For any inquiries or reservations, you can reach Avontuur at 021 855 4296 or via email at The friendly staff will be happy to assist you and ensure you have a memorable dining experience.

Where to find it You can find Avontuur located at Route 44 in Somerset West. The serene surroundings and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant make it the perfect place to relax and indulge in a delightful culinary journey.

TIG reviewer Our esteemed reviewer Jackie Lange had the pleasure of sampling the culinary delights at Avontuur and highly recommends the Deep Fried Ice Cream with butterscotch sauce. Her taste buds were truly tantalized by this heavenly dessert, and she couldn’t stop raving about it. Trust her judgement and give it a try when you visit Avontuur!

Kyoto Garden Sushi

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Introducing Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream

Hey there! I wanted to share with you an incredible dessert that I recently discovered at one of Cape Town’s top-notch Japanese restaurants. It’s called Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream, and let me tell you why it’s so amazing!

First off, this ice cream is the perfect end to a memorable meal. It’s light, refreshing, and not overly sweet, so it won’t leave you feeling weighed down. The delicate balance of flavors will leave your taste buds wanting more!

The star of the show here is the black sesame seeds. They bring a delightful crunch and a warm, toasty flavor that complements the smoothness of the ice cream. It’s a unique combination that you won’t find anywhere else!

If you’re thinking of trying this dessert, Arugula Bistro is the place to be. They serve it from Monday to Saturday, starting at 5:30 PM and going until 11 PM. You won’t want to miss out on this culinary gem!

For more information or to make a reservation, you can reach Arugula Bistro at 021 422 2001. They’re located at 11 Lower Kloofnek Road in Gardens, so make sure to jot that down!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about this incredible dessert as much as I enjoyed discovering it. It’s truly a treat worth indulging in. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Written by Nikki Benatar – TIG Reviewer

Arugula Bistro

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

The Dessert: House-made Ice Cream
Why You’ll Love It: Welcome to this charming bistro located in the quiet suburbs of Cape Town. They specialize in crafting their own heavenly ice cream, offering a delightful array of flavors that will have you coming back for more. Each visit is an opportunity to savor the goodness of unique options like Peppermint Crisp Tart, Nutella Chocolate Chunk, Brandy Caramel Pecan, Dark Chocolate and Orange Marmalade, Salted Caramel, and Honey and Rosemary.
Opening Times: This bistro is open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, and from 9am to 3pm on Sundays.
Contact: For inquiries or reservations, feel free to call 021 913 6906 or email
Where to Find It: You can locate this hidden gem at 18, Welgemoed Forum, Corner Jip De Jager and Kommisariss Street, Welgemoed, Cape Town.
TIG Reviewer: These delicious treats were tasted and reviewed by Sabena Faria.

Schoon de Companje

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Let me tell you about a delicious dessert called Butterkuchen with clotted cream. It’s a mouthwatering treat that you definitely don’t want to miss. Picture this: a slice of butterkuchen, topped with almonds, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. Just thinking about it makes my taste buds tingle with excitement! Trust me, it’s worth the drive to Stellenbosch just to try this heavenly creation.

If you’re feeling adventurous, I have a special suggestion for you. Pair your butterkuchen with one of the delectable Fanny Chanel artisan ice creams available at their in-house ice-cream bar. The combination of warm buttery cake and creamy ice cream is absolutely divine. But wait, there’s more! For the ultimate indulgence, don’t forget to try the clotted cream. It’s rich, smooth, and adds a luxurious touch to the already amazing butterkuchen.

Now, here’s a word of advice: get there early. This butterkuchen is a crowd favorite and it tends to sell out fast. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this sweet delight, would you? So, set your alarm and make your way to Stellenbosch in the morning.

Let’s talk logistics. The butterkuchen is available at the De Companje in Stellenbosch. They are open from Tuesday to Friday, 7am to 6pm. On Saturday, they open at 8am and close at 6pm. Finally, on Sunday, they are open from 8am to 1:30pm. So, there are plenty of opportunities for you to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, you can contact them at 021 883 2187 or send an email to They will be more than happy to assist you. And don’t worry about finding the place, it’s located at the corner of Bird Street and Church Street in Stellenbosch.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a slice of butterkuchen with clotted cream and have a truly delightful experience. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Let me tell you about a delightful dessert called Torta di Cioccolato. This Italian creation can be found at a popular restaurant and it’s simply divine. When you take a bite, you’ll experience a dense and fudgey texture, with a rich and earthy chocolate flavor that isn’t overly sweet. It’s a true delight for your taste buds. And to balance out the decadence, they serve it with hazelnut gelato, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. The moment you start enjoying this dessert, the room will fall silent – but don’t worry, it’s for all the right reasons.

If you’re planning to visit, here are the opening times:

  • Monday and Saturday: 6pm – 10pm
  • Tuesday – Friday: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 3.30pm
  • Closed on public holidays

For any inquiries or to make a reservation, you can contact them at:

Phone: 021 671 1763


Now, let me tell you where you can find this scrumptious treat:

Location: Shop 1, Library Square, Wilderness, Claremont

This review was written by TIG reviewer Nikki Benatar.

Café Paradiso

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Let’s talk about Lemon Meringue Pie.

Image credit: toomuchloveliness

Why you’ll love it: Lemon Meringue Pie is a delightful dessert that everyone enjoys. It’s a crispy pastry filled with fluffy custard – a recipe that has been passed down through generations.

When can you have it: You can indulge in this delicious treat at this cozy café on Kloof Street. They are open from Monday to Saturday, starting at 9 am and staying open until 10 pm. On Sundays, they open at 10 am and close at 3 pm. Public holidays are no exception, they are open from 10 am to 10 pm as well.

How can you reach them: If you want to get in touch, you can give them a call at 021 423 8653 or send an email to

Where can you find it: The café is located at 110 Kloof Street in Tamboerskloof.

The Stack

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Welcome to the world of Crème brûlée!
Why you’ll fall in love with it This fancy café in town is the talk of the town – not just because of the amazing story behind its reopening, but also because it’s incredibly beautiful, the service is exceptional, and the food and drinks are unbelievably delicious. Finish your meal with a traditional vanilla Crème brûlée topped with macerated Cape berries and a sprinkle of black pepper. This particular Crème brûlée is served in a shallow copper dish, giving it a unique charm. Use your spoon to crack through the caramelized sugar on top, revealing the luscious and fragrant custard beneath, just like breaking ice on a pond.
When you can visit The café is open from Monday to Saturday, from 11 am to 11 pm.
How to get in touch Reach out to them at 021 286 0187 or via email at
Where to find it The café is located at Leinster Hall, 7 Weltevreden Street, Gardens, Cape Town.
What others think Nikki Benatar, one of our trusted reviewers, has raved about this place.


Remember the feeling of your favorite cozy sweater? The one that hugs you just right and makes you feel safe and warm? That’s how I feel about the concept of “homespun.” It’s like a warm embrace, a reminder of simpler times and the joy of handmade treasures.

When I think of homespun, I imagine a quaint cottage nestled in the countryside, surrounded by blooming flowers and chirping birds. It’s a place where time seems to slow down, and life feels more authentic and real.

Homespun is more than just a style. It’s a way of life – a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition, and the human touch. It’s about cherishing the skill and effort that goes into creating something by hand, whether it’s knitting a sweater, carving a wooden spoon, or weaving a blanket.

With homespun, there’s a certain magic in the imperfections. It’s the slight unevenness of a hand-knit scarf, the unique grain of a hand-carved bowl, or the subtle variations in color on a hand-dyed fabric. These little quirks are what give each piece its character and tell the story of its maker.

There’s something deeply satisfying about surrounding yourself with homespun objects. They have a sense of personality and soul that is hard to find in mass-produced goods. They remind us of our connection to the past, of the generations that came before us and the traditions they passed down.

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But homespun is not just about the past. It’s about embracing the present and finding joy in the simple pleasures of a handmade life. It’s about taking the time to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, whether it’s the softness of a hand-knit blanket or the warmth of a lovingly cooked meal.

So why not bring a little bit of homespun into your own life? Start small, with a handcrafted mug or a homemade candle. As you surround yourself with these little treasures, you’ll find that your home becomes a sanctuary, a place of comfort and joy.

And remember, homespun is not just about the things we create. It’s about the connections we make with others – the friendships forged over a shared love of knitting or the stories swapped over a cozy cup of tea. It’s about the sense of community and belonging that comes from creating and experiencing something together.

So let’s celebrate the beauty of the handmade, the joy of slowing down, and the magic of homespun. Let’s embrace the imperfect, the unique, and the personal. Let’s create and savor the little moments that make life truly special.

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

Blonde Fondant: A Dessert Worth Indulging In

Let’s talk about Blonde Fondant, the dessert that’s making waves in the world of chocolate delicacies. Forget everything you think you know about chocolate puddings, because this treat is about to blow your mind. When you crack open this delectable creation, you’ll witness a luscious blend of Ivoire and Caramelia Valrhona chocolate erupting like a molten volcano. Tantalizing your taste buds with every bite.

What sets this dessert apart is the way it tantalizes your senses in the most exquisite manner. It is perfectly complemented by fruit jellies, almond crumb, and a rich dark chocolate gelato that is made in-house. Every element on the plate comes together harmoniously, creating a symphony of flavors that is simply unforgettable.

Are you ready to indulge your sweet tooth? Good news! The Blonde Fondant is baked to order. So you know you’re getting a dessert that’s fresh and made with love, just for you.

If you’re wondering when you can satisfy your craving, here’s the answer. Blonde Fondant is available at Homespun by Matt from Monday to Saturday, between 6 pm and 11 pm. So whether it’s a midweek treat or a weekend indulgence, you can always count on this dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you want to get in touch or make a reservation, here are the contact details: Call 021 556 2824 or email The friendly staff at Homespun by Matt will be happy to assist you.

So where can you find Blonde Fondant? Head over to Porterfield Rd, Table View, Cape Town. Once you step into the cozy ambiance of Homespun by Matt, you’ll know you’re in for a culinary adventure unlike any other.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. Blonde Fondant has received glowing reviews from food critics, and one of them is Sabena Faria. This dessert has stolen her heart, and it’s sure to steal yours too.

Chefs Warehouse

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

The dessert Chocolate lava cake
Why you’ll love it

The chocolate lava cake is a beloved dessert that everyone can enjoy. It’s a treat that has become a staple on our menu. With its rich, gooey center and decadent taste, it’s hard to resist. The cake is perfectly paired with a scoop of refreshing orange ice cream, creating a delightful balance of flavors. You won’t be able to resist taking another bite!

Opening times

We are open from Monday to Friday, serving lunch and dinner. Our hours are 12pm to 2.30pm and 4.30pm to 8pm. On Saturdays, we offer lunch service from 12pm to 2.30pm.


If you have any questions or reservations, feel free to contact us at 021 422 0128 or via email at We’re here to assist you!

Where to find it

Our restaurant is located at 92 Bree Street, right in the heart of Cape Town City Central. We look forward to welcoming you!

95 at Parks

The Best Desserts in Cape Town The MzansiBride

The dessert: Chocolate Fondant
Why you’ll love it: Let me tell you, this dessert is something special. It’s the perfect way to finish off a meal – rich yet light, a contradiction in the best way. Just wait until you take a bite. The chef, Giorgio Nava, has created a masterpiece with a soft center that oozes out as soon as your spoon hits it. It’s a sensation you won’t forget.
Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm; 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Contact: Give them a call at 021 761 0247
Where to find it: Head over to 114 Constantia Main Road in Cape Town.
TIG reviewer: This dessert was reviewed by Nikki Benatar.

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