The 5 best towns in South Africa for Digital Nomads

Winona Griggs

The Top 5 South African Towns Perfect for Digital Nomads

Did you know that Cape Town has made it to several prestigious lists of the world’s best cities for remote work? It’s true! But here’s an interesting twist: while Cape Town is enjoying all this attention, many locals are actually heading in the opposite direction.

A growing number of South Africans are embracing a concept called “semigration.” They are leaving behind their traditional workplaces in big cities and embracing the life of a digital nomad. Why? Well, not only does remote work allow them to change their work habits, but it also offers the promise of a better quality of life in smaller towns, particularly those along South Africa’s stunning coastal regions.

Have you heard about the semigration movement? It’s really interesting! People are moving from big cities to coastal towns, and it’s not just retirees anymore. Young families are flocking to these towns, bringing new life and energy.

The great thing is, with the way work is changing, we can all give it a try. We can become digital nomads, working remotely and exploring different towns. It’s like having our own adventure, right here in our own country. Who needs to go abroad when we have amazing places like Durban’s North Coast?

So, what makes these towns so special? Well, they have beautiful natural surroundings, which is a big draw. And there are plenty of leisure activities to enjoy. But the most important factor is the availability of working spaces and cozy cafés. These are the places where we can set up our laptops, have a good cup of coffee, and get stuff done.

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The 5 best towns in South Africa for Digital Nomads

Have you ever considered starting your day with a refreshing cliff-path walk in Hermanus? It’s the perfect way to invigorate your senses and get ready for the day ahead. And that’s just the beginning of what this incredible town has to offer.

1. Hermanus

When you think of Hermanus, you probably picture beautiful mountains, pristine beaches, and lush vineyards. And you’re absolutely right! This Western Cape gem is known for its stunning natural beauty. But what sets Hermanus apart for digital nomads like you and me is the amazing co-working space in town.

Co.Unity Workspace is the place to be for remote workers. With its modern facilities, reliable wi-fi, and a variety of workspaces to choose from, it’s everything you need to be productive. Whether you prefer a private office or a flexible hot desk, they’ve got you covered. And in case you need a caffeine boost or a quick bite to eat, they even have an impressive little cafe on-site.

2. Plettenberg Bay

Have you heard the stories about the Garden Route recently? It seems like there has been a surge of people moving to this area since Covid came along. It’s not surprising, really. If you have the option to work from anywhere, wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by the beautiful hills between Wilderness and Plettenberg Bay? While Knysna is nice, Plettenberg Bay has even better options for working remotely.

One of those options is Spacebuddies, a co-working office space. They provide a variety of work areas, including shared workspaces, flexible desks, private offices, and meeting rooms. It’s a great place to be productive and get your work done. And if you need a break or a change of scenery, you can head over to The Double Shot Coffeeshop. They offer free wifi, a quiet environment, and delicious homemade baked treats.

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3. Umhlanga

Ah, Umhlanga, a place that holds one of South Africa’s most beloved hotels, The Oyster Box. But that’s not all this charming little town has to offer. It boasts a couple of impressive co-working spaces too! For instance, The Treehouse Workspace lives up to its name, surrounded by lush greenery. It features all the necessary goodies like meeting rooms, co-working desks, and private offices. It’s a serene and productive oasis.

Flexibility is the name of the game at Flexible Workspace. With five business centers scattered across the country, they’ve set up shop in Umhlanga as well. They offer everything you need in a co-working space. Whether you’re after private offices or hot desks, intimate meeting rooms or a professional boardroom – they’ve got you covered. And if you need a caffeine fix, they even have their own café and barista.

Let’s venture into the land of mist and dairy farms, where countless attractions and activities await. Welcome to Hilton! Located within its borders is Head Office, a collaborative workspace operating on a membership basis. It’s got everything you could ever desire in a co-working space. They offer private offices and hot desks, as well as cozy meeting rooms and a top-notch boardroom. Need a quiet phone call or some alone time? No worries, they’ve got a private call booth just for that. Oh, and did I mention they have their own café and barista? It’s a one-stop productivity shop.

Oh, Paarl, what a gem you are! Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, this town has much to offer. But did you know they also have a co-working space? Say hello to number five on our list. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about it. But hey, Paarl itself is more than enough to quench your thirst for adventure and inspiration. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore this hidden treasure.

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