Tebogo & Keagile Mphohle

Tebogo & Keagile Mphohle

Our love story began on the 14th February 2014, this is when we officially ‘met’ even though we were attending the same church for quite a while. We were serving under the same ministry with him being a drummer and me being behind the sound desk.

Nothing transpired of the meeting, however we would speak here and there and it’s not until June of 2014 that we would speak everyday, go on coffee dates even though nothing was official yet. In this time I think we both realised how many things we have in common . The love of music specifically jazz and neo soul was quite evident and it just made us even more closer.

It wasn’t until the 6th of September 2014 that he asked me out to a formal dinner to ask for my hand in girlfriendship (lol). I absolutely knew in my heart of hearts he was the one before he even asked so I didn’t really play around and my reply was definitely yes.

What I loved about his approach was that he was very intentional about everything pertaining me and that assured me that he is not here to play chile (lol).



Fast forward to 2016, a month before our 2nd anniversary on the 7th August 2016, we planned our first trip together to Durban but before driving down, we were going to have a celebratory lunch at one of our favourite restaurants at Pont de Val.

He booked a private cabana by the water where it was just the two of us. We discussed that we are going to buy each other gifts, we chose categories of what we’ll buy each other. The categories were: 1-gift of passion, 2- gift of life and finally 3- the gift of the unknown(surprise).

He gifted me in category 1-a rose gold brooch with a pearl in the middle,this symbolized my love for fashion as I was still styling people for a living. In category 2, he gifted me the gift of friendship, as he was speaking I saw my best friend and his best friend walk past our cabana, I sprung out off the bench and ran over to hug her, at this point I was already a mess as I hadn’t seen her in a long time.

We all made our way back to the cabana and we had drinks for a little over 5minutes. As we were sipping on our drinks, Tebs then says he has one more gift for me in the last category of course. He then hands me my last gift and it’s a can of tennis balls, at this point I was quite certain that this guy really knows me because I’m absolutely obsessed with tennis as a sport, having played most of my schooling career.


Now, being the tennis freak that I am, I want to open the seal of the can, to my dismay there was no seal. I’m like oooookay is there a catch here? So in my perplexity I roll the balls out and only two balls come out, as a tennis player I know very well that there should be 3 balls in a can. So I start shaking the can to get the last ball out, it eventually comes out but it’s an odd shape. When I hold the tennis ball I realize that it’s been cut and when I open the ball there was a ring box inside it.

At this point I’m screaming and crying already, he takes me by the hand and he goes down on one knee and proposes to me, I couldn’t even utter a word, all I did was nod my head and cry.

It was so special and so significant. He then tells me he has one last gift for me, he hands me a beautiful box with a ribbon on it and in there lies the lobola letter from his father for me to take home (insert ugly cry), as I’ve mentioned this guy is very intentional about everything concerning me.

Eventually when I’ve gathered myself and celebrated with our best friends, we take a boat ride along the Vaal River and soak in what had just happened. Finally we head home to my mother’s house so I can deliver my own lobola letter (yes I took my own letter, lol).

Lobola happened a month later and we started planning the wedding afterward.



We both knew that we wanted to have a big celebration and both of us being creatives we wanted creativity and our styles to be represented.
In total we had 3 celebrations.

Firstly, we had our engagement/traditional wedding, which we celebrated on the 24th September 2017.

We had our white wedding in May of 2019 as we wanted to save enough money to have what really visioned for our wedding. We knew we wanted a high fashion, black and white, black tie wedding.

Finding a wedding dress was not hard as I had already met Anna of Zodwa Bridal at the wedding expo and I fell in love with her creativity and style of wedding dress design. We became two peas in pod when designing both my gowns. I wanted to be unconventional and not traditional at all.



My husband’s suit was designed by Kentse Masilo (Project Runway SA season 1 winner). We knew wanted a certain vibe, and to represent our love for jazz, we had a live band and had Lindiwe Maxolo, Ayanda Jiya and Lebohang Kgapola serenade us throughout the night which we were so thrilled about.

The music on the night was probably one of the best highlights of the night. The wedding day was everything and more than I could’ve planned myself. All our guests honoured our black and white theme. We thoroughly enjoyed planning and having the wedding day. We celebrated our 3rd and final day at his parents house, to symbolise that my husband’s family has accepted their Makoti in the family.


What Was Your Favourite Aspect Of The Day?

Definitely my dress, his suit, the music and the 7 course meal.

There was a small interval between the starter and mains and the band played a Tevin Campbell ‘Can we talk’, an old classic and all the guests got out their chairs and sang and danced along, definite a high of the day!


What Would You Change in Hindsight?

I would want to not be in complete control over everything, to let the people I trust help in the planning.


What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by your indecisiveness, make sure you go in knowing what it is you want to eliminate unnecessary stress that builds up during the planning.
Take time out with your partner to have date night and not talk about the wedding because we tend to focus so much on the wedding and not each other, so make time to down tools and have a relaxing evening, day with your partner, it’s so important to check in.


How Has Married Life Been? Any insights you can share?

Married life has been the best time of my life, it feels we’ve been married forever and it’s the best sleep over with my best friend.

I think couples put too much pressure on their marriage to be something like other people’s marriages. As much as we can look up to people, it’s important to make the best of what we have with our own partners and learn to be comfortable with each other instead of putting pressure on each other.

Uncommunicated expectations will kill what you’re trying to breathe life into.


(**Starred = Mzansi Bride suppliers)
(PS: We always ask our couples to only list the service providers they were happy with)

Wedding Co-ordinator : Nhlanhla Mngadi
Bride’s Dresses : Zodwa Bridal**
Shapewear : Body Magic**
Groom’s Suit : Kentse Masilo (white), Jay Touch studios (traditional)
Bridesmaids Dresses : Zodwa Bridal**(white), Jay Touch studios (traditional)
Groomsmen suits : Kentse Masilo (white), Jay Touch studios (traditional)
Invites : Tebogo Mphohle
Venue : Oxbow Country Estate
Cake : Phelokazi Khanye
Photography : Xander Van Den Berg, Holistic Media & Msizi Mkhize
Hair : MabuTribe**
Makeup : Dewdrop
Decor & Flowers : Mashinini Global
Stationery : Tebogo Mphohle
Favours : 3rd Button
Jewellery : Molefi Letsiki Diamonds
Entertainment : Fundile Dlamini, Sinethemba Hlengetwa, MagicHands Ngcobo, Frank Mavhimira, Thabang Malete, Ayanda Jiya, Lebohang Kgapola, Neo M, Wandile Molefe, Lindiwe Maxolo
Sound : Sound-ML Sound Productions
Lighting : Spiritworx Audio, Morena Nkosi
MC : Rorisang Thandekiso

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