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Winona Griggs

Six Amazing Southern African Beaches to Escape the Winter Blues

Hey there! Are you tired of winter and in desperate need of some sun? Well, look no further! I’ve got a list of the six most incredible warm winter beaches in Southern Africa that will surely brighten up your day.

Grand Baie, Mauritius
Why not head to the tropics? The stunning Grand Baie in Mauritius offers crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, and trendy restaurants that will satisfy your every craving. While the island is a fantastic destination all year round, the best time to visit is from May to September when the temperatures are slightly cooler and the rain is less frequent. It’s worth noting that Grand Baie is not your typical quiet beach; it’s a bustling tourist hub that never sleeps. It’s the perfect spot for sun-worshippers who want to bask in the warm sun and soak up the vibrant Mauritian holiday vibes. Find out more at

Barra Beach, Mozambique
I love going to Barra Beach in Mozambique during the winter. It’s the perfect time for surfing and the diving there is absolutely amazing. You won’t believe the amount of fun activities you can do! Take a horse ride along the beach, go snorkeling to explore the underwater world, try your luck at fishing, or take a dhow trip. There’s so much to do that you might not even have time to relax on the beach and soak up the sun. But don’t worry, after a day full of adventure, you can unwind at the Barra Lodge bar with a refreshing cocktail. And the best part? You can enjoy all of this without breaking the bank because the winter season offers low-season rates, especially if you avoid school holidays. So why not plan a trip to Barra Beach and have the time of your life? Visit to learn more.

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Welcome to Alkantstrand, KwaZulu-Natal!

I’m excited to tell you all about this amazing beach. Alkantstrand is a Blue Flag beach, which means it’s recognized for its outstanding safety and cleanliness. Here, you can enjoy swimming in the warm-water all year round. It’s like having your own personal pool! Even on windy days, you can find a cozy spot near the breakwater to relax and take in the stunning surroundings.

Alkantstrand is not just for swimmers – it’s also a great spot for surfers! The waves here are perfect for catching a thrilling ride on your surfboard. And if you’re into beachside BBQs and picnics, you’re in luck! Alkantstrand has designated spots for you to enjoy a delicious meal or have a leisurely picnic with your loved ones.

But what if you love the sea but aren’t a fan of sandy beaches? No worries! Alkantstrand has a unique grassy strip right at the edge of the beach. This means you can enjoy the refreshing water without getting sandy toes. It’s the best of both worlds!

If you want to learn more about Alkantstrand and start planning your visit, head over to They have all the information you need to make the most of your time at this incredible beach.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sunscreen, pack your beach bag, and get ready for an unforgettable day at Alkantstrand!

Trafalgar, KwaZulu-Natal
When it comes to the popular South Coast, there’s a little gem called Trafalgar. This serene beach offers a peaceful escape from the bustling crowds. You don’t have to worry about safety here, as its Blue Flag status guarantees a secure environment, and the facilities are kept clean. While there aren’t any vendors selling refreshments, you can bring your own to keep hydrated. Plus, this coastal paradise is blessed with warm water and great weather year-round. Not only is it a fantastic spot for swimming, but it’s also perfect for snorkeling. The vibrant reef is a haven for a wide array of fish species, and it even houses remnants of shellfish, plant material, and petrified wood. Discover more at

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Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
When I think of the Eastern Cape coast in winter, what comes to mind are warm, pleasant days. And if you’re a surfer like me, you’ll know that Jeffreys Bay is the place to be. It’s a paradise for wave riders, with famous spots like Kitchen Windows and Supertubes. The combination of great waves, sunshine, and warm water makes it the perfect destination for winter fun. Plus, J-Bay’s Dolphin Beach is even awarded Blue Flag status, so you know it meets high standards. And if you’re in the mood for some shopping, don’t miss the renowned Billabong factory shop. It’s a must-visit.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia
Now, the Skeleton Coast may not be your typical beach destination, but it’s a haven for adventurous travelers like you and me. The desolate 500-kilometer coastline, with its sun-bleached whalebones and massive shipwrecks, has a unique appeal. The weather is moderate all year round, with mist, wind, and light rain adding to the atmosphere. Exploring the coast in a 4×4 is an exciting adventure that I highly recommend. Just make sure to get a permit from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism before entering the Skeleton Coast Park. Safety first!

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