Saving the Western leopard toad from extinction MzansiBride

Winona Griggs

Rescuing the Western leopard toad from extinction

Every year, usually in August, I’m amazed by the migration of the Western leopard toads in Cape Town. They hop their way to different ponds for an incredible party. The males put up a fierce fight to impress the hottest female in the pond, while the females lay their precious eggs. This lively gathering typically lasts just a few weeks before everyone returns to their gardens.

This grand gathering has been a tradition for centuries. However, the toads face an unexpected challenge: the roads and highways that have sprung up around their breeding grounds. These modern obstacles often turn these fun-filled journeys into deadly encounters, with many toads getting flattened along the way. It’s sad to realize that this has pushed the Western Leopard Toad to the brink of extinction.

Fortunately, toads have found some much-needed relief with the help of kind-hearted volunteers who are dedicated to protecting them from becoming frog roadkill. This year, a group of volunteers in Noordhoek has taken their efforts to the next level. With assistance from the Endangered Wildlife Trust, they have constructed a special barrier on Noordhoek Main Road that stands in the way of the toads’ dangerous path. This clever barrier prevents the toads from leaping over and exposes their safe haven at Lake Michelle, where they gather until September. The toads don’t have to wait anxiously for too long, as the vigilant volunteers patrol the barriers multiple times each evening and morning. Once the toad party is over, these caring volunteers will ensure a safe journey back home for these little hoppers.

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As someone who truly appreciates conservation efforts and has a fondness for frogs (as well as a good party), I am particularly enthusiastic about this toad-arrive-alive initiative. I believe it’s essential for more people to get involved and lend their support in the conservation of the Western leopard toad.

Saving the Western leopard toad from extinction MzansiBride

Please Be Patient: Toads Crossing

Hey there! Just a friendly heads-up: there may be a few minutes delay on the road ahead. But no worries, the wait will be worth it! You see, a group of kind-hearted volunteers is out there, helping our little toad friends safely cross the road. These awesome toad saviors are actually saving the toads from disappearing forever! And guess what? The toads are so grateful that they’re even planning a special party just for you! So, hang tight and show a little patience as these amazing volunteers work their magic.

Join the Toad Heroes and Help Save the Western Leopard Toad

Do you wanna make a real difference in the world? Well, listen up! When the rain showers down, the western leopard toads start their journey towards the ponds. And this is where you come in! Right now is the perfect time to step up and become a beaming beacon of hope for these toads. By signing up as a volunteer, you’ll be the superhero they desperately need! You see, there are tons of breeding sites scattered all around, from Muizenberg to Constantia and beyond. So, grab this chance, be a hero, and help save our beloved western leopard toads!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Western Leopard Toad and how you can get involved, you can visit our website at or give us a call on the WLT hotline at 082-516-3602. We have all the information you need to understand the Western Leopard Toad and the different ways you can volunteer.

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Saving the Western leopard toad from extinction MzansiBride

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