Sanbona Wildlife Reserve The Big 5 Near Cape Town

Winona Griggs

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve: An Exciting Encounter with the Little (+ Big) Five near Cape Town

Captured by Taryn Vogl and Jandré Germishuizen

An abundance of fascinating creatures, big and small.

As I explore the wild terrains of Sanbona, with its rolling Karoo hills, majestic Cape fold mountains, and vast open plains, I am thrilled by the opportunity to encounter the Big Five – elephants, leopards, lions, rhinoceroses, and buffaloes – in their untamed magnificence. But there is a hidden world within the reserve’s 58,000 hectares of protected land, waiting to be discovered. It is the realm of Africa’s incredible Little Five, named after their Big Five counterparts, although much tinier in size. These enchanting creatures reveal the secrets of diverse ecosystems and habitats, unveiling the intricate dynamics that bind us all within these awe-inspiring landscapes.

Who are the Little Five?

When you visit Sanbona, you might get lucky and catch a glimpse of four of the Little Five: the sneaky and quick elephant shrew (also known as sengi), the beautifully patterned leopard tortoise, the fierce ant lion who is a skilled predator, and the impressively strong rhinoceros beetle. These animals are regular residents in Sanbona, but because they are small and cautious, they can be quite tricky to spot. Luckily, the experienced rangers at Sanbona know how to interpret the smallest tracks and signs to find these elusive creatures.

Here’s something interesting: The fifth member of the official Little Five is the buffalo weaver bird, but you won’t find it in the Western Cape. However, Sanbona offers a diverse and fascinating range of other bird species for birdwatchers to discover and add to their lists.

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