Unathi Mbonambi Photography

Unathi Mbonambi Photography

Unathi Mbonambi is a sought after wedding and events photographer, whose work infuses elegance, creativity and fun in capturing images. 

With degrees in Economics & Econometrics, and Strategic Management, she traded briefcases and stilettos for sneakers and chasing sunsets when she discovered her love for photography, and set about teaching herself the beautiful art.

“I love photography 🙂 ……with a big chunk of my heart!”


“I think photography is amazing, God bless the person who invented the camera! Being able to capture and freeze a memory for a lifetime is something special 🙂 Being able to turn a significant moment into a beautiful, timeless and high quality photograph is even more awesome!  Photographs are the pieces of our lives we get to treasure for a lifetime”, says the 33 year old, who is also a homeschooling mother of 4 children, 8 years and under.

“I love looove everything about weddings!  Being able to document the momentuous occasion that signifies the act of two people committing to love each other unconditionally for the rest of their lives is truly an honour for me.  I love being able to capture the emotion and tide of the day…..and then, of course, there’re all the pretty details <3…it’s like a fairytale for a day :)”  

Although she’s always appreciated good photographs, photography for her started as just something that she enjoyed. The self-taught photographer started learning more about the art when she took up taking photos for her husband’s band. The more she learnt about photography, the more she realised she had a love for it, and the more hours she spent reading books, and on endless Google and Youtube searches.

“In the digital information age we live in, you can really be anything you want to be.”

she says



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