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Mountain Biking Fun in Touwsberg Private Game and Nature Reserve

Let’s go on an adventure into the countryside along the R62 road. Forget about spending too much time at Ronnie’s Sex Shop because the real excitement awaits you at the amazing Touwsberg Private Game and Nature Reserve.

Join me on the Exciting Touwsberg Mountain Biking Track

Touwsberg is the perfect place to spend a whole weekend. You can stay at cozy cottages and have easy access to a network of gravel roads, jeep tracks, and 4×4 routes. You can even explore the reserve along the game tracks. It’s like a treasure hunt!

You’ll get a fantastic map at the front desk that includes all the details you need to navigate the ride. The map even shows the elevation, so you won’t get lost.

I headed west from Kyknet Cottage, making my way onto a steep 4×4 path that leads to the Lootzrivier section, about 7.5 kilometers away. This part of the journey takes you along a gravel road that runs beneath towering sandstone cliffs until you reach Fonteinskloof at 9.1 kilometers. Fonteinskloof is the only stream in the area that flows year-round, especially during the scorching summer months. It gets its water from Rehoboth Eye, an artesian borehole located just a few minutes upstream. The flow rate of this borehole is truly extraordinary, pumping out an astonishing 150,000 liters of water per hour. It’s the perfect spot to refill your water bottles.

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After passing Rehoboth Dam at 13.8 kilometers, you’ll speed downhill and reach the Wolverfontein Gate at 15.1 kilometers. Take a left turn onto the Plathuis gravel road and follow it around in a circular route back to Kyknet via the reserve’s main entrance, covering a total distance of 23 kilometers. However, if you’re up for more adventure, you can head right towards Bobbejaan Krantz at 25.3 kilometers. There’s plenty more exciting riding waiting for you in that direction from the entrance.

If you’re heading towards the Mooikloof region, make sure to keep left after the windmill (29.4 kilometers). Once there, you’ll find a range of 4×4 tracks, gravel roads, and hiking paths to explore. Just be aware that most of these paths are rocky and loose, so keep your balance as you navigate the rugged terrain.

As you continue from Mooikloof (around 38.3 kilometers, depending on the route), you’ll experience a thrilling downhill ride that leads to the Wolverfontein turn-off on your right (approximately 42.1 kilometers). From there, it’s just a short distance to Kyknet Cottage, completing your journey at a total distance of about 45.2 kilometers.

What gear do you need for the Touwsberg mountain biking track?

One of the great things about Touwsberg is that you can bike after sunset, which is a rare opportunity in most reserves. If you don’t want to splurge on an expensive bike light, a versatile 200-lumens headlamp like the waterproof Black Diamond Icon (available for R660 at will do the trick.

How to Get to the Touwsberg Mountain Biking Track

Get on the R62 and keep going northeast until you reach Barrydale. The Touwsberg Private Nature and Game Reserve will be on your left, about 45 kilometers past the town.

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What You Need to Know about the Touwsberg Mountain Biking Track

While day visitors can make arrangements to visit Touwsberg, it’s really best to explore the area as a weekend visitor.

Off the Bike at Touwsberg

If you go about 15 kilometers from the reserve, you’ll find Ladismith. This is where you’ll find the nearest shops and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking in the Elandsberg Mountains and rock climbing on Towerkop. To find out more, visit

Facts about the Touwsberg Route

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 2.5 to 4 hours
Route Type: Network of circular and return paths
Starting Point: Kyknet Cottage
Terrain: Gravel roads, 4×4 tracks, and rough game footpaths
Entry Requirements: A daily permit from the reception costs R35
Cell Reception: None
GPS Coordinates: S33° 38′ 31.8″, E21° 0′ 0.5″
Contact: Tel 028-551-2175,

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