Molai & Nomthi Mothejoa

Molai & Nomthi Mothejoa

We met while doing our articles but didn’t date immediately.

We first became friends – we got to know each other well after starting a car pooling club. I initially thought he definitely did not like me. He disagreed with everything I said (I later realised he just disagrees with what everybody says…hahaha).

But actually that’s one of the things that drew me to him…he has an amazing mind! And heart. Then I just couldn’t resist admitting that I found him attractive. Kanti ubrother naye udaar πŸ™‚

Fast forward a few years later on his birthday while vacaying in Bali. While snorkelling, Mr Man whips out a ring during the fish…and I’m just like what?!

I obviously carefully take the ring from him and motion for us to go back to the boat. I catch my breath and I turn to him and say…so you were saying?…I obviously said yes!

What Was Your Favourite Aspect Of The Day?

It’s hard to choose because the day was such a jam but it also went by so quickly.

If I have to choose one it would be the exchanging of our vows. It was the most beautiful moment for both of us actually! The tears just came when I heard him speak his heart and mind in front of our friends and families. I fell in love all over again.

I also loved our “iStep” (reception entrance dance). He broke out into a vosho. Oh and one last one was the coordination of our songs for certain moments…they all meant something and he LOVES music so it came together nicely.

What Would You Change in Hindsight?

We’d worry less (particularly me…lol!) leading up to the actual day.

I would push to start the actual planning sooner…you know because there’s the looking at potentially interesting things for your wedding…and then there’s the actually committing and making the actual choices. I would start the latter a few months earlier.

What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

Commit your wedding day and marriage to your God. Pray for an even closer connection to your spouse as you prepare for the day/days of your celebratory ceremonies.
Start with co-drafting the vision you have for the day with your future husbae and share the load of to-do’s in a way that makes sense to ya’ll.
If you’re not using a wedding planner and are working with a budget – have a list (Pinterest has a few great ones!), and know your non-negotiables vs. nice-to-haves and prioritise accordingly.
Start planning early! Give yourself more time than you think you need. It will help with the last few months/weeks when you’ve had sufficient time to think about the big and small things.
Delegate. Your husband, family and friends will be valuable pillars during this time and willing hands and feet. It’ll relieve you from worrying about (and remembering) everything.
Have fun on your day (s). Savour the precious moments, take it all in but be fully present. The day(s) is over before you know it! And after all those months of planning…you have to have a blast!
Also, a great tip from our photographer (Unathi Mbonambi) is to let things go and flow on the day. Some things may go wrong. Don’t stress (or cry) about it…lol. It’ll show in your photos πŸ™‚
Did I mention enjoy yourself?! Have fun with it!!!
How Has Married Life Been?

It’s been amazing. There wasn’t a dramatic and magical change though; just a gentle transition into the next chapter.

We continue to have fun, openly communicate, challenge and push each other, and plan for the next thing and the one after that.

The biggest change has probably been the full integration into each other’s families and meeting and interacting with various characters in them. This is definitely ‘adventurous’ πŸ™‚ and what keeps it interesting is how it forces you to continuously define your values as a couple, draw certain boundaries, be stretched and learn who people are and how they do things.

For me it’s the marked start of developing the character of our own small family, learning what we would like to continue in our lives but also being deliberate about what we’d like to do differently.


(**Starred = Mzansi Bride suppliers, Click on their name to be directed to their listing)

Bride’s dress : Zodwa Bridal**
Groom’s Suit : Rashid Suits
Groomsmens Suits : Rashid Suits
Bridesmaids Dresses : Zodwa Bridal**
Venue : Avianto
Cake : Kelly Jayne Cakes
Photography :Unathi Mbonambi Photography**
Photography :Unathi Mbonambi Photography**
Makeup : MUD
Hair : Mabu Tribe**
Decor : Exquisite Flowers and Decor
Sound, Stage & Lighting : DJ Stabito

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