Like riding a bike Cape Town sees a rise in cycling culture

Winona Griggs

Cape Town: Embracing a Cycle-Friendly Culture

Did you know that riding a bike can help save the environment, keep you healthy, and save you money? In Cape Town, cycling has become a popular choice for many people looking to make a positive impact on the planet while enjoying the benefits of exercise.

What makes Cape Town special is its vibrant cycling community. As the home of the renowned Cape Town Cycle Tour, the city has embraced cycling in all its forms – whether it’s for fun, competition, or simply staying fit.

Like riding a bike Cape Town sees a rise in cycling culture

I’m back on my bike in the heart of the city, and it seems I’m not alone. Kirsten Wilkins, a passionate cyclist and the director of Open Streets, tells me that group rides are becoming more popular again as people seize the last days of summer and reconnect with friends. Wilkins, who played a big role in organizing regular Friday lunchtime rides through downtown Cape Town before the pandemic hit, says that cycling in the CBD has had its ups and downs in the past couple of years.

During the lockdowns, she noticed a surge in the number of cyclists enjoying a traffic-free city center. And now, with remote work reducing traffic, cycling is experiencing a positive resurgence throughout the inner-city areas.

Hey there! I’m excited to tell you about the bike scene in the CBD. We’ve got some seriously cool bike shops here, and one that stands out is East City Cycles. They’re right in the heart of the CBD and offer all kinds of awesome bikes and services.

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Recently, I’ve noticed that cycling is becoming more popular again. It’s like a wave of excitement sweeping through the city. According to Jarryd Haley, one of the shop owners, more and more people are choosing gravel bikes. These bikes are like road bikes, but they have wider tires. The cool thing about these tires is that they make it easier to ride on rough surfaces and even tackle curbs.

Cycling to work is the new trend

Have you noticed how expensive petrol has become? It’s really making it difficult for a lot of us to afford commuting to work every day. That’s why more and more people are considering cycling as a cheaper alternative. But one of the challenges we face is finding a safe place to store our bikes.

Thankfully, there are some smart business owners in the city center who have come up with a solution. Take The Box, for example – it’s a tall building owned by Boxwood Property Fund, and it’s located on Riebeek St. Here’s the exciting news: if you’re a tenant there and you’d like to cycle to work, they now have a special area just for you! It’s an indoor bike park where you can safely lock up your bike. Plus, they even have shower pods and lockers for your convenience. The best part? The bike park is part of a big renovation project that cost R70 million. Boxwood is really trying to make the office environment more welcoming and comfortable, so people will want to come back to the city.

Hey, did you know that you can rent bike parking bays and showers at The Box for just R300 per month? And here’s some exciting news – for a limited time, you get the first three months for free! Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also receive a free coffee every month at Seattle Coffee Co, located on the ground floor of Boxwood’s SALT Food Market.

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When I talked to Tasso Evangelinos, the CEO of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID), he told me that the Cape Town CBD has always had a vibrant bike and cycling culture. With its iconic bike shops, knowledgeable retailers, and passionate bikers, cycling was on the rise before the pandemic hit. Now, as we slowly recover, it’s amazing to see this trend making a comeback. Business owners, landlords, and workers are all getting on board, embracing biking and contributing to the city’s bike culture. It’s a positive sign for our downtown!

Get ready for some fun on two wheels

So why has cycling culture become so popular?

Well, one reason is the perfect blend of social and physical perks it offers.

When I hop on my bike, not only do I get to enjoy the fresh air and exercise, but I also have the opportunity to connect with other cyclists.

Social riding has really taken off. It’s incredible to see how many group rides and events have sprouted up, catering to riders of all levels.

For example, there’s this awesome event called the Thursday Night Ride Club, organized by Rook Cycles in East City. Twice a month, on the first and third Thursday, cyclists of any fitness level can come together and cruise around the city.

But that’s not all. Fixie Fit SA also hosts regular Wednesday afternoon rides that kick off around 5:30 or 6:00 pm. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day and pedal with friends.

And let’s not forget about the Moonlight Critical Mass! This unique ride happens on full-moon nights, starting at the Greenpoint Circle. It’s an opportunity to venture out and explore the city at nighttime while enjoying the company of fellow bikers.

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So really, when it comes to cycling culture, it’s not just about the exercise. It’s about the connections we make and the adventures we have on two wheels.

A big part of embracing and taking advantage of the growing cycling culture is making sure there are plenty of places for thirsty cyclists to stop and rest. These places are open early in the morning, even before 8 am, so you can grab a coffee before work or after a ride. Check out these options:

– Pang’s Speciality Coffee on Bree St

– Revolution Cycles on Bree St

– Cafe Frank on Bree St

– Bootlegger on Harrington St

And if you want more recommendations, here’s something else you might like:

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