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A Delightful Recipe for Lightly Spiced Guava Ice Cream

Imagine walking into a cozy kitchen filled with the sweet aroma of fresh guavas. That’s the kind of nostalgic scent that brings back cherished memories of a South African childhood. It’s hard to put into words just how delightful the fragrance of a perfectly ripe guava is. Those coral-pink beauties are a true treasure, especially during the winter months when they grace supermarket shelves and roadside stalls.

Guavas have always been a part of my life, something I never really stopped and appreciated. When I was a kid, we would eat them by the handful, fresh and juicy, or have them with tinned Ideal Milk, a favorite treat in South Africa. It’s funny, then, to think about how rare guavas are considered in other parts of the world. During the World Cup, an American intern named Samantha Hermann came to South Africa and wrote about her experiences. In her article, “Ten South African Things I Wish They Had in the USA,” she mentions how uncommon and expensive guavas are in America. She even admits to being jealous of us, because here you can find fresh guavas, guava juice, guava yogurt, dried guava, and so much more. As a fellow guava lover, I can understand her envy.

Have you ever wondered why I would want to make ice cream in the middle of winter? Well, let me tell you! This is the time when guavas are in season in South Africa, and besides, there are plenty of sunny and mild days in Cape Town that are perfect for enjoying a cool treat. (And don’t worry if you don’t have an ice cream machine – I’ll show you how to make it without one).

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Now, let me introduce you to a light and refreshing guava ice cream. It’s made with a sugar syrup base and just a touch of cream (or you can use yogurt if you’re watching your calories). To add a little kick, I like to include a stick of cinnamon and a star anise in the sugar syrup, giving the ice cream a subtle spicy flavor. However, if you prefer the pure taste of guava, you can simply leave these spices out.

Try this Delightful Guava Ice Cream Recipe

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