Ashford & Lee Masuku

Ashford & Lee Masuku

Perhaps you have never gone into a gym thinking: “Today I am going to meet the love of my life”. I certainly did not, but God in His grand design for my life had other plans.

My husband Ashford and I met in June 2016 at the gym at which I trained. He was a Fitness Instructor of all things! Who would have thought?

Even more surprising is the fact that we worked within a few hundred metres from one another for over 2 years without ever crossing paths. However, a dinner party at my house changed the direction of my life

In May 2016, a few colleagues and I sat around a table complaining about our work-related weight gain. This led to me being challenged to “upgrade” my gym membership to the fancy gym close to work. A month later, I met what I would later find out would be my future husband and my forever best friend.

Ashford and I hit it off so well. It was like a speed train really. Despite being so different, more often than not we were in the “same WhatsApp group”. Just like an episode of “The Amazing Race”, our journey towards
our eventual wedding day was filled with detours, roadblocks and even a few u-turns.
But there is just nothing like crossing the finishing line with your race partner knowing that you are a winner.

What Advice Would You Give To Future Brides?

If I could give future brides some advice it would be:

1. “Nothing is ever that serious!” On my wedding day, I
started the day off by breaking my tooth! That was followed by my make-up artist causing me to run over 90 minutes late and then accidentally rubbing red lipstick on my veil as I was finally making my way out the door. None of that mattered as soon as I saw Ashford waiting for me at the end of that chapel aisle.

No wedding day will be ever be perfect, but that does not mean you ought not do everything in your power to make it the most memorable day of your life.

2. Never be shy to unlock your inner negotiator and bargain hunter. Planning a wedding can be expensive!

However, do not feel that you need to make too many compromises on the things you value the most in order for your day to be special. For us, that was the food and the photography. For you, it may be flowers and the bridal party’s outfits. Whatever you decide must be what you think is best for you and your husband-to-be.
At the end of the day, the only people you need to please on the day is yourselves.

3. Have fun and always remember to take every moment in. It all goes by far too quickly!


(**Starred = Mzansi Bride suppliers, Click on their name to be directed to their listing)

Bride’s dress : Bride & Co | @brideandcosa
Groom’s suit : Urban Corporate Tailors |@urbancorporatetailors
Bridesmaids dresses : Gelique
Groomsmens suits : Euro Suit | @eurosuit
Venue : Glenburn Lodge and Spa | @glenburnlodgeandspa
Cake : Sweet Joy
Photography : Unathi Mbonambi Photography |@unathimbonambi_photography **
Videography: Silk Media
Decor & Flowers : To the T Events
DJ & Stage : Blast Entertainment
Draping & Lights : FF Decor
Honeymoon : STA Travel | @statravel

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  • Rachel

    Absolutely beautiful ♥️?.. May you grow old together and continue to be in the bosom of the Lord God.. Congratulations once again ??

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