Grub Vine Norval A Chic Bistro in the Southern Suburbs

Winona Griggs

Grub & Vine Opens at Norval Foundation

Hey there! Guess what? Matt Manning’s amazing bistro on Bree Street now has a brand new brother in the Constantia Valley. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Grub & Vine Norval. It’s a super cool restaurant with walls made of glass, situated at Norval Foundation. And let me tell you, the views are something else – you get to see stunning sculpture gardens, majestic mountains, and an awesome outdoor deck where you can soak in the beauty.

Grub & Vine comes of age

You won’t believe it! In December, Grub & Vine Bree Street will be celebrating five amazing years. Throughout that time, Matt and the team have gone through so much – learning valuable lessons, surviving a pandemic, and refining their craft. They’ve really grown up! And now, they feel ready to take the next step. Personally, Matt has even started a family and moved to the southern suburbs. So he spotted a “gap” there – a need for what Grub & Vine does best: serving elegant, delicious dishes in a relaxed and stunning atmosphere, accompanied by an incredible wine selection.

Penny-drop moment

So, the next thing I had to do was find the perfect space. Let me tell you about this guy I know, Louis Norval. He’s a regular at our Bree Street restaurant, and he’s really into food and wine, just like me. He’s got this awesome place called the Norval Foundation, which is all about African visual art. I went to visit him there in August, and he showed me his incredible wine collection. That’s when it hit me: we absolutely had to open a Grub & Vine at Norval. It would be the perfect place to bring together food, wine, and art.”

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Welcome to Grub & Vine Norval

Monya Eastman, the creative genius behind Matt’s ingenious four-in-one hub on 103 Bree Street, completely transformed the interiors with vibrant colors and stunning textures. But don’t worry, the character and charm of the Norval building remain intact. You can’t help but be captivated by the open kitchen, which takes center stage, and the breathtaking views. Just like its sister restaurant on Bree, Grub & Vine Norval offers a small but ever-changing menu that celebrates the flavors of the season. And of course, the wine selection is nothing short of extraordinary.

“Grub & Vine in the city is the epitome of vibrant, alluring dining right in the heart of Cape Town. While we do offer lunches, we really shine in the evenings, making us the perfect spot for romantic dinners and intimate date nights. Grub & Vine Norval, on the other hand, is like the sophisticated older sibling of our Bree Street location. With its idyllic surroundings and prime location, I anticipate that lunchtime will become a hot commodity,” shares Matt.”

When you step inside the space, you’ll notice a captivating sight: a staircase leading up to a private bar and lounge. The views from up there are simply breathtaking! Matt, the owner, has some exciting plans for this area. He wants to host wine tastings, as well as organize special wine events. It’s going to be a hub of elegance and sophistication.

Art has a way of touching our hearts and evoking emotions. Whether it’s through visual art, culinary masterpieces, or the craftsmanship of winemaking, art has the power to make us feel a wide range of emotions – nostalgia, vitality, and inspiration. Matt understands this power and believes in the harmonious relationship between food, wine, and art. He doesn’t just believe in it; he wants his guests to feel it too. It’s all about creating an immersive experience for everyone who walks through the doors of his establishment.

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Mark your calendars – the grand opening is scheduled for 30th November 2023. The doors for bookings will be open starting from 1st November. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible dining experience! As for the opening times, you can visit Tuesday through Saturday, anytime between 12pm and 9pm.

If you have any queries or want to make a reservation, you can reach out to them at 087 153 5244 or send an email to Now, let’s talk about the location. You can find this extraordinary restaurant and lounge at The Norval Foundation, which is situated at 4 Steenberg Road, Steenberg Estate, Tokai, Cape Town. It’s a place you won’t soon forget.

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