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Easter Eggs: A Taste Test Adventure

As a journalist, my duty is to unveil the truth, no matter the risks involved. Sometimes, it means venturing into dangerous territory to bring you the information you need.

Don’t worry! Despite the potential consequences to my waistline and blood sugar, I took on the difficult task of taste-testing various types and brands of Easter eggs. My dedicated team of tasters and I are here to share our findings with you, dear reader. Together, we will help you navigate the abundance of options and make informed choices about which Easter eggs are worth your attention this holiday season.

* All ratings are out of 5.

Delicious Hard Candy Eggs: A Burst of Flavor

When I was younger, I didn’t really understand why these eggs were so important. It felt like too much effort for too little chocolate. But as I’ve grown older, my appreciation for them has increased, and now they’re the highlight of Easter for me. All the major supermarkets have their own brands, but we quickly learned that not all hard candy eggs are made equal. We tested the Easter eggs with different types of eaters – those who like to slowly savor the candy before enjoying the chocolate, and those (like me) who prefer to smash it and relish in its crunchiness.

The Winner: Beacon

Average Rating: 4.8

Price: R24.99 for 8

In my opinion, Beacon takes the lead by a tiny margin. It’s like the egg from our childhood, bringing back the familiar taste, texture, and appearance. The balance of candy and chocolate is just right, and every component is of high quality, making it truly delicious.

Moving on to the second spot, we have Checkers Eggs Galore candy coated milk chocolate eggs. Surprisingly, these eggs exceeded our expectations with their incredibly tasty offering. They may be a bit smaller than some others, but the chocolate is thick and of excellent quality. Candy enthusiasts even recommended them for licking off – that’s how delightful they are!

Taking the third place is Woolworths Hens eggs. Priced at R24.95 for a pack of 6, these eggs offer good value for money. While they may not have claimed the top spots, they still deserve a mention for their decent quality and reasonable price. They are worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable option without compromising on taste.

So there you have it, three eggcellent choices for your candy-coated milk chocolate eggs. Beacon steals the show with its nostalgic charm, while Checkers surprises us with its deliciousness. And Woolworths Hens eggs, although not the winners, provide a budget-friendly option. With these choices in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect treat for Easter or any chocolate-loving occasion. Enjoy!

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I tried these eggs with a twist of vanilla in the candy, and they tasted pretty good. They were smaller than other eggs, but the chocolate was enjoyable. However, I did notice a strange aftertaste that made it clear they were from Woolworths.

Fourth place: Pick ‘n Pay Choice speckled eggs

These eggs had a hint of coffee in the chocolate, but they weren’t as popular because they were too sweet. The speckles added a nice touch though.

Fifth place: Kayley’s hard eggs, available from Spar

These eggs were also too sweet, and the chocolate wasn’t as good quality or as thick as the others.

Marshmallow eggs

When it comes to marshmallow eggs, they are truly in a league of their own. Especially during Easter, these treats create a level of excitement that cannot be underestimated.

The Winner: Beacon Traditional Marshmallow Eggs

I have to admit, the Beacon eggs are the pinnacle of what a “classic” marshmallow egg should be. They have a delicious and evenly spread layer of chocolate, with a satisfyingly thick bottom that adds a delightful crunch.

Second Place: Pick ‘n Pay Marshmallow Eggs

Scoring an average of 2.6, these marshmallow eggs definitely had their moments. Their softness, or “squishiness” as we like to call it, was appreciated by many. However, the chocolate layer left something to be desired. It was too thin and flaky, which took away from the overall presentation. Some even detected a peculiar synthetic aftertaste.

Joint Third Place: Beacon Marshmallow Eggs with Chocolate Centre

With an average score of 2.5, these Beacon marshmallow eggs with a chocolate center definitely held their own. While they didn’t come out on top, they still managed to impress. The combination of marshmallow and chocolate created a pleasant texture and flavor.

The difference between this and the old-fashioned Beacon eggs is quite odd but understandable. The outer chocolate shell was equally good, but the soft chocolate filling, also known as “brown goo,” wasn’t well-received. People felt that there wasn’t enough of it to taste properly, yet there was just enough to disrupt the texture of the marshmallow and give it a slightly gritty feel.

Now let’s talk about the third-place winner: Checkers mallow eggs. They received an average rating of 2.5. Unfortunately, the layer of chocolate on these eggs was disappointingly thin, so thin that you could barely taste it. The marshmallow was peeking through in some places. Checkers really dropped the ball after their fantastic hard candy eggs!

In fourth place, we have Woolworths mallow eggs, with an average rating of 2.4. These eggs didn’t fare much better than Checkers. The layer of chocolate was underwhelming, just like with the Checkers eggs. Overall, the quality of the eggs fell short of expectations.

So, there you have it! The top three mallow eggs in the competition didn’t quite live up to the standards set by the traditional Beacon eggs. It’s a shame, really, but now you know which ones to avoid. Remember, appearances can be deceiving, and sometimes the classics are hard to beat.

Surprisingly, Woolies didn’t perform well this time, but the people have made their decision. The chocolate shell was praised for its thickness and smoothness, but unfortunately, it had that familiar taste of “talcum” which really takes away from the overall experience. Some tasters even described the chocolate as “stale,” “cheap,” and “waxy.”

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Mini filled eggs

We found out that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to chocolate eggs with fillings. This year, the smaller eggs really stole the spotlight, bringing one delightful surprise after another.

First place: Witors Noir (available from Pick ‘n Pay)

Average rating: 4.8

These little treats were like the closest thing to chocolate perfection that my group of taste testers could find. The dark chocolate was a breath of fresh air among all the milk chocolate options; it wasn’t too bitter and it just melted in your mouth, revealing a wonderfully nutty center. These chocolates definitely deserve the title of “Best in Show.”

Coming in at second place are the Woolworths Quail eggs. They are not only visually appealing but also a delight for the taste buds. The box contains an assortment of chocolates with different fillings, and the little egg-shaped treats are beautifully decorated with various colors. Most importantly, they are absolutely delicious and made with high-quality chocolate. One of the tasters even described them as “grown-up dinner party eggs” – they definitely make a lasting impression!

And finally, in third place, we have the Cemoi praline eggs, which you can find at Checkers. These chocolates received an average score of 3.8.

Imagine stumbling upon this amazing surprise – and can you believe the price? These delectable milk chocolate robin’s eggs melt in your mouth and taste like they’re filled with scrumptious nutella – rich, creamy, and praliney.

Moving on, let’s talk about fourth place: Woolworths caramel eggs. They received an average rating of 3.5. For just R16.95, you get a pack of 12 mini eggs. These delightful eggies have a sweet butterscotch center that’s incredibly easy to devour. And trust me, you won’t be able to stop at just one. Once you start, it’s a never-ending cycle of popping one in your mouth after another.

Now, let’s turn our attention to fifth place: Cadbury dairy milk mousse centre eggs, available from Checkers. It’s a bit of a letdown coming from Cadbury, who is known for their exceptional chocolate. These eggs received an average rating of 2.5. Priced at R24.99 per packet, they promised a mousse center but delivered more of a goopy mess. And to top it off, the sweetness was a little too artificial for my liking.

Finally, we have sixth place: Walkers giant eggs, also available from Checkers. You can grab a packet of these eggs for just R14.99. Although they didn’t receive a rating, they deserve a mention. These giant eggs are a steal for the price. They may not have any fancy fillings or flavors, but sometimes simplicity is all you need. Plus, they make for great Easter egg hunts!

So, there you have it – a rundown of the top contenders in the realm of Easter eggs. From deliciously divine chocolate to disappointing fillings, this list covers it all. Now, it’s up to you to decide which eggs will grace your Easter basket. Happy hunting and may your taste buds be delighted with every bite!

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I was so excited when I came across Walkers of London chocolates at a store in South Africa, but that excitement quickly faded once I tried them. First off, they have a strange name because the eggs are actually quite small, not giant. And to make matters worse, they are incredibly hard, so be careful if you have sensitive teeth. Despite their attractive speckles, the taste is rather unimpressive.

The Disappointment of Hollow Eggs

Those big, foil-wrapped or bunny-shaped hollow eggs are what every kid dreams of. However, looks can be deceiving, and they don’t always live up to their appearance.

The Winner: Lindt Chocolate Bunny

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

In this case, the obvious choice turned out to be the best one. Lindt chocolate bunnies outshine all other eggs in terms of both looks and, most importantly, taste. As always, you can never go wrong with Lindt!

Second Place: Woolworths 30g Hollow Egg

I think this egg really hit the mark. It simply met all expectations. The chocolate tasted really good (no weird talcum taste!). Plus, the egg looked really nice.

Third Place: Schoh Caramel Crunch Hollow Bunny 70g (Available from Pick ‘n Pay)

Average rating: 3.3

This hollow egg had an interesting twist with the caramel specks. It was a delightful change from the usual milk chocolate. And the bunny shape was absolutely adorable. Definitely a winner!

Fourth Place: Nestle Milkybar Hollow Egg (Available from Clicks)

Average rating: 3.1

This egg is simply a hollow egg made of white Milkybar chocolate. But let me tell you, it’s not your average milk chocolate option. This one stands out because of its hollow shape, and I have to say, it really works well for Milkybar. Personally, I think it tastes even better in this form than as a regular chocolate slab. It’s creamy, it’s white chocolate, and it has a delicious condensed milk flavor. It’s a winner in my book!

Fifth place: Cadbury dairy milk hollow egg (available from Checkers)

Now, this one is a bit different from what you’d expect from Cadbury. Instead of the classic milk chocolate taste, this hollow egg has a unique fruity twist to it. One taster even compared it to watermelon Skittles! Overall, the chocolate was enjoyable, but it definitely had a surprise factor.

Tie sixth place: Friedel bunny-shaped hollow egg 60g (available from Pick ‘n Pay)

Coming in at sixth place is the Friedel bunny-shaped hollow egg. It received an average mark of 2.9.

The taste of this chocolate was so intense with coffee flavor that I thought it should have been marketed as a coffee-flavored chocolate. But despite that, it was still tasty overall, and it had an adorable bunny shape.

If there was a prize for the most disappointing treat, this fellow would definitely win. The bunny looks adorable and delicious in its shiny package with a cute bow, which raises your hopes sky-high. But when you finally take a bite, the reality hits you hard. It tastes like cheap chocolate that’s been sitting in the pantry for far too long, with a weird waxy and plastic-like texture. One bite is more than enough to ruin your sweet tooth satisfaction.

So, what about you? What kind of Easter eggs do you enjoy the most?

So, what about you? What kind of Easter eggs do you enjoy the most?

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