Day 41 Flying start flying into town and a gentle evening in Bloemhof MzansiBride

Winona Griggs

Day 41: An Energetic Start, Exciting Adventures, and a Peaceful Evening in Bloemhof

After staying up late last night, I was startled by my alarm going off at 6 am. The sounds of dogs barking and the commotion on the farm had been keeping me on edge throughout the night. But I knew that today held the promise of an exhilarating flying experience, so I mustered up the determination to get out of bed and prepare for some high-speed action. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little sluggish, so I was eager to amp up my adrenaline levels.

Before I could delve into my flying escapade, I had to address the reason for the dogs’ restless behavior last night. It turns out they had managed to outsmart the fancy security system on my loyal companion Tootsie and infiltrate my belongings. Yes, they had rummaged through my clothes, causing them to be scattered all over the place. Thankfully, Jan Hendrick came to the rescue and gathered them all for me, and Sias kindly offered to wash them. I’m truly grateful for their help!

And then, it was time to fly. I got everything ready for takeoff, hopped into the cockpit, secured myself, and plugged in… and off we went to Sias’ private airstrip, conveniently located next to one of his fields. We had to wait a bit for a crop-sprayer to clear the area, but once it was gone, Sias went full throttle – and within seconds, we were soaring through the sky. I can’t even begin to describe the amazing sensation I felt. The wind rushing by, the sensation of flying high above the treetops, it was like being a bird on an adrenaline rush. Absolutely incredible!

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Sias decided to do a few laps around the airstrip before taking me over the river to get a firsthand look at the flood damage. Let me tell you, it was mind-boggling. I still can’t fully wrap my head around the extent of the devastation. One entire house seemed to have vanished, completely washed away by the raging waters. Other houses had been dramatically shifted from their original positions, walls knocked in, and roofs ripped off like they were made of flimsy cardboard. It’s truly shocking to witness the sheer power of water and the destruction it can cause.

After a few more thrilling dashes, we made our way back to the farm because the weather was closing in and some of us had work to do. We landed smoothly, and that was the end of it…but what an incredible adventure it had been. I was in awe!

I packed my things and got everything ready to go while saying my goodbyes. It was a bit sad to leave, but I had a 30-kilometer journey to Bloemhof that needed to be completed today.

I started off with a lot of energy, but my feet started hurting with every step and that only got worse as I continued. I made sure to hydrate and eat plenty of sweets, bread, and MuleBars along the way. Surprisingly, I managed to reach the end of the gravel road without taking a proper break, which was quite unusual for me. Then, I hit the tar road that led to town, and before I knew it, I was once again crossing the Vaal River and entering the North West Province.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes as I witnessed the extent of the flood damage. It was clear that a lot of effort was being put into the cleanup, but it will definitely take some time for the vegetation to fully recover.

Following Sias and Gerda’s directions, I found myself standing at Sias’s mother’s house, which would be my home for the night. It’s incredible how one person can make things happen for you and open doors you never could on your own.

After freshening up with a quick shower and checking my emails (since I had some important projects in the works and needed to stay connected), I was taken to the local museum. This museum happened to be privately owned and had an impressive collection. It focused mainly on war and political artifacts, but trust me, it’s a must-see!

We returned to the house and enjoyed a delicious and substantial dinner. It felt like a feast with all the dishes I hadn’t had since leaving home in December. And now, it’s time to wrap up work and get some rest for an early start tomorrow.

My next destination is Wolmaranstad, but I’m still undecided about what comes after that…

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