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Chef Brad Ball Shares His Thoughts on Cape Town

Hi there! I’m Chef Brad Ball, and I’d love to tell you about my experiences living and eating in Cape Town. Let’s dig in!

I was born in Joburg, but I grew up in Constantia, Cape Town. I want to share with you what makes living in the Cape so special. The incredible scenery never fails to take my breath away. I enjoy sitting on a restaurant patio, taking in the beautiful views of the sea, vineyards, or mountains. We are truly spoiled for choice here in Cape Town with so many fantastic options to choose from!

When visitors come to the city, I don’t have much time for day trips because I’m busy running my restaurant. However, I always make sure to take them wine tasting in the Constantia Valley. And if there’s an opportunity for a great lunch or dinner, I’ll take them to Bertus Basson’s Overture restaurant. It’s always a winner, especially when paired with some delicious wine.

I recently had a mind-blowing meal at Liam Tomlin’s Chefs Warehouse. We had a delectable tapas feast for two, and I must say, it was absolutely outstanding!

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When it comes to other favorite dining spots, Dias Tavern is perfect for a laid-back, bite to eat. I’ve been going there for 25 years, and I always order the same thing: tentacles to start, followed by the extra-hot trinchado with plenty of garlic. And for those special occasions, you can’t go wrong with Overture. Bertus always creates magic in the kitchen, and I’m happy to eat whatever he cooks up for me.

For a relaxing weekend getaway, I highly recommend the Wilderness. My fiancée, Zoe, has a lovely family beach house there, and it’s the ideal place for me to unwind and recharge my batteries.

There are a couple of things still on my bucket list: cooking a pop-up restaurant on Table Mountain and going shark-cage diving. I can’t wait to tick those off!

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, head over to Vovo Telo in Steenberg Village. They make an amazing double macchiato that never disappoints!

When it comes to walks, the Tokai Forest is my go-to choice. It’s right behind my house, making it an easy and pleasant option.

I’m intrigued by the Banting diet, but sadly, I love pasta too much to fully commit to it. However, I’ve seen how it can transform lives – just look at my dad! Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

For those special occasions, I recommend Steenberg’s Nebbiolo. It’s a fantastic red wine. I feel a special connection to it, and I have a few 2009 bottles tucked away in my collection.

As a chef, I firmly believe in having patience, respect, and a curious nature. Those traits are crucial for success in this industry.

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Right now, I’m really excited about our upcoming restaurant, Graciales, at Peddlars&Co. We’re working hard to bring a new dining experience to Cape Town!

On Sundays, you’ll always find me in the kitchen. It’s my favorite way to spend the day.

Money, they say, is the sixth sense that allows us to fully enjoy the other five. It’s hard to argue with that!

After this, I’m heading straight for a delicious hamburger. I can’t resist!

When I wake up in the middle of the night, my mind is always buzzing with new restaurant concepts. Sometimes, I just have to write them down, even if it can wait until morning.

One day, I look forward to someone else cooking for me. It would be an absolute pleasure!


I want to make sure you know that the information I’m about to share with you was accurate at the time it was published, but things may have changed since then. Please keep that in mind as you read.

Time of publication: 14 April 2015

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