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Winona Griggs

Cape Town… man, it’s an amazing place!

Looking out onto a chilly, wet street in England, I can’t help but feel a bit down. Just a few days ago, I was basking in the warm sun at the Red Herring in Noordhoek, realizing how many incredible things there are to do in my beloved hometown. But now, I’m stranded in one of the coldest European winters in ages… what a bummer.

Luckily, my time in South Africa was so incredible that it helps me get through the cold month ahead. It’s tough to choose a favorite activity from all the fun I had, but I have to say, those two times I went surfing were unforgettable. I’m not the best surfer out there, but I definitely deserve some credit for dragging myself out of bed before dawn on two different weekends.

I have to say, there’s something truly special about being out on the water with your friends as the sun begins to rise, knowing that the perfect wave could be just around the corner. It’s an experience that’s hard to beat! And let me tell you, the cappuccino from Knead on the Muizenburg beachfront, which we enjoyed after our surf session, was absolutely worth the wait.

One of the things that makes Cape Town so amazing is the fact that you can enjoy both the beautiful sea and majestic mountains all in one incredible package. That’s why I can’t help but love this place. And let me tell you about this one spot that really stood out during my visit – Lion’s Head. Taking a leisurely walk up there in the afternoon is an absolute must. The views are simply breathtaking. If you’re lucky enough to live here, please make sure to visit Lion’s Head as often as you can. Trust me, there are some of us who can’t be there and we’re relying on you to represent!

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When I was home, I went hiking on Table Mountain and explored other routes, like the exciting Panorama Route in Jonkershoek near Stellenbosch. Even though Quellies is its own city, I can’t help but consider it part of my home because it’s so close to Cape Town and there’s so much cool stuff happening there.

We hiked the challenging 17km Panorama Route with strong winds and fading light. It took my four friends and me a little over four hours, and despite the pain in our muscles and joints, the breathtaking view made it all worth it. Now I finally understand why they call it the Panorama Route!

Above all though, what I really miss and what brings me the most joy about South Africa are the people. Whether they are locals or newcomers, the people living in South Africa are an amazing group. Whenever I’m there, I absolutely love spending time with friends, both old and new. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of you who made the effort to see me!

Hey there! I’ve got some news that might bum you out a bit—I won’t be able to make it back to SA anytime soon. But don’t worry, I’ve got a cool adventure coming up! Brace yourself for the 30-day Life 2 The Limit survival challenge. This April, I’ll be joining nine other folks on a deserted tropical island. And get this—it’s gonna be pretty intense because all we can bring is what we can fit into our tiny five-liter dry bags. Talk about packing light!

Not only will we be pushing ourselves physically and mentally, but we’re also hoping to raise money for some awesome charities. And this is where you come in! We need your support. If you’re interested in finding out more about what we’re up to, the incredible organizations we’re supporting, and how you can get involved, head on over to Oh, and here’s a friendly reminder—take some time to appreciate the beautiful nature around you. It’s a privilege that’s often taken for granted. Catch you later!

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