Ashley & Loita Mukwevho

Ashley & Loita Mukwevho

We met at church through a mutual friend.

We kept the trio friendship for a like a year or two. We were serving together at church so it demanded that we spend more time together and from there the two of us grew closer and closer until we both knew that we couldn’t do life without each other.

We started dating after 5 years of friendship. We dated for a year but we both knew that we wanted this for life. Romantically (to me) he proposed in March 2019 and in the same year in August we got married.

Our wedding day was everything I dreamt of and more, we had sooo much fun. We danced, we worshiped and my husband and I kept chuckling throughout the programme. Marrying my best friend was the best decision ever.

We had super wedding service providers. It was blissful planning our wedding.


What Was Your Favourite Aspect Of The Day?

Can’t choose one, everything worked together so well! God was definitely in it

What Would You Change in Hindsight?
I wish I had allocated enough time our couple shoot.
I wish I had eaten …..hahahaha but excitement got to me. I chose good food for our guests that I couldn’t even eat.


What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

  • Wedding days are super quick, one minute you wake up and it’s the day and the next thing you are celebrating one month together.
  • Enjoy your day, consciously choose to enjoy every minute of it.
  • Choose good, reputable service providers because no bride deserves a headache on their special day.
  • Even if the service provider is good and trusted, make sure that you keep everything in writing and communicate your expectations.
  • Pray about everything and leave it in God’s hands

How Has Married Life Been?

Marriage has been amazing for us! Adjusting to staying with someone permanently was interesting for a week or two but you learn to communicate and focus on what is good.



(**Starred = Mzansi Bride suppliers)

Bride’s dress : Zodwa Bridal**
Bridesmaids Dresses : Armor Designs**
Flowergirl Outfits : Armor Designs**
Invites : Unathi Mbonambi Photography**
Venue : Mac Country Venue
Cake : Kelly Jayne Cakes
Photography :Unathi Mbonambi Photography**
Makeup : Indalo Nubian Naturals**
Hair : Indalo Nubian Naturals**
Decor : Innovative Events**
Sound, Stage & Lighting : The Cousins

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