An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

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An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveler

Hey, have you ever found yourself with a free day and no plans? It’s happened to me before, and let me tell you, it can be quite perplexing. But fear not! I’ve got you covered with an impromptu itinerary for a day in St Lucia that will make sure you have a blast.

First things first, let’s start with breakfast. St Lucia has a plethora of amazing restaurants to choose from, so take a stroll along the streets and see what catches your eye. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty brunch or a light bite, there’s something for everyone.

Now that you’ve fueled up, it’s time to explore the island. St Lucia is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, so get ready to be wowed. I suggest starting with a hike through the rainforest. Not only will you get to see stunning waterfalls and lush vegetation, but you might even spot some wildlife along the way.

After your hike, it’s time to hit the beach. St Lucia is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean, so you’ll be in for a treat. Whether you prefer lounging in the sun or taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters, there’s a beach for every preference.

Feeling a bit hungry after all that sunbathing? No worries, I’ve got the perfect solution. Head over to one of the local food stalls and try some delicious street food. From fried plantains to fresh seafood, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

With your belly satisfied, it’s time to venture into the colorful town of Soufriere. This charming little town is known for its vibrant buildings and friendly locals. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets, popping into the shops and chatting with the locals. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

As the day starts to wind down, make your way to one of St Lucia’s famous sunset spots. Whether it’s a mountaintop or a beachfront, watching the sunset is the perfect way to end your day in paradise. Sit back, relax, and take in the breathtaking beauty.

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Overall, St Lucia is a hidden gem that should not be overlooked. So if you find yourself with a free day and the desire to explore, I highly recommend giving this impromptu itinerary a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

One day, I decided to visit St Lucia with no plans and no idea of where to start. I turned to Google to be my travel guide and set off, driving along a road that had warning signs for hippos and elephants. It was then that I realized why foreigners think South African streets are teeming with wildlife.

It seems that international tourists prefer northern KwaZulu-Natal over domestic travelers. The coffee shops were filled with people speaking Welsh and Italian, and even the barista asked us which country we were visiting from.

This part of South Africa is incredibly beautiful, and there are so many things to do that it’s hard to choose. I really recommend that you visit this place someday.

Stop 1: Coffee

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

First up, we had an obvious choice. We followed our noses and Google Maps to this cozy little coffee shop with a fitting name – Coffee Shop. We enjoyed sipping on their delicious brew while figuring out where to go next.

Here are some other coffee shops we wanted to try in St Lucia:

  • Thyme Square
  • Washbay & Café
  • Hippo Café

Stop 2: The Estuary Boardwalk

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

When you visit St Lucia, don’t forget to include a stop at the beach in your itinerary. But before you head out, take some time to explore the local market near the entrance. It’s packed with beautiful handmade ornaments and other products made by the talented locals. As I made my way to the St Lucia Estuary Boardwalk, I couldn’t help but notice the huge crocodile warning sign. It was quite intimidating, but I reminded myself that many people had walked this path before me and survived. So, with a mix of excitement and nerves, I took my first step on the boardwalk.

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An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

As I walk along the boardwalk, the trees provide a beautiful canopy of shade. It’s a peaceful place where I can enjoy the presence of monkeys, who curiously observe my every step. The boardwalk is cleverly designed on a raised platform, ensuring my safety by keeping me above any potential creatures that may appear below. It’s an exhilarating experience to see wildlife like hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat.

While I’m here, I also take delight in birdwatching. The diverse bird species that flutter around add an extra layer of beauty to the surroundings.

If I’m up for some adventure, there are a few walking trails I can explore:

  • I can start with the Igwalagwala Walking Trail.
  • Next, I can move on to the Iphiva Walking Trail.
  • If I’m feeling more adventurous, I can hike to the Bat Cave.

Stop 3: Estuary Beach

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

The boardwalk leads me to cross the dunes before I can reach the beach. People say it’s a great place to take a long walk along the shoreline. The water in the ocean is a bit murky, and because of the nearby Umfolozi River mouth, it’s not really safe for swimming. We did see some people splashing around in the shore break further up the beach, but they weren’t actually swimming. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and maybe some snacks if you plan on spending a while at the beach.

Here are some beaches you might want to check out:

– Main Beach

– Ingwe Beach

– Jabula Beach

Next stop: iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Eastern Shores via Bhangazi Gate.

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

When I first arrived in St Lucia, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park was at the top of my must-see list. However, figuring out how to actually get to the park turned out to be quite perplexing. If you’re not familiar with the area, it can be a bit confusing. There are ten different entrances to the wetland, and I wasn’t sure which one would be the best for me.

As we were driving into town, the first road sign we saw was for the Bhangazi Gate. We decided to start our adventure there and explore the Eastern Shores and Cape Vidal. It turned out to be a great choice!

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If you don’t have a specific plan or the time to book a guided game drive or boat ride on the estuary, I highly recommend taking a self-drive through the park. It’s a simple and enjoyable way to experience the beauty of the wetland.

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

Forget about the wildlife – the real beauty lies in the landscape. Endless stretches of lush green grassland stretch out before your eyes, and let’s not forget the breathtaking estuary. As you drive along the roadside, you’ll come across charming little ponds adorned with vibrant purple lilies, their reflection dancing on the water.

Make sure to make pit stops at every hideout and viewpoint along the way. And hey, don’t forget to pack some water and snacks for the journey. When you reach the Catalina viewpoint, settle down and savor your food while taking in the stunning panoramic view of the entire estuary.

After a while, you’ll find yourself at Cape Vidal – a picturesque beach that stretches on for miles. Here, you can spend your time fishing, swimming, or even snorkeling. The ocean is teeming with vibrant marine life waiting to be explored.

An itinerary for a day in St Lucia for the spontaneous traveller

Stop 5: Dinner

On our way back to our place in Hluhluwe, we didn’t get a chance to stop at one of the roadside restaurants for a tasty meal and a refreshing drink. It would have been a great way to end our day.

  • Reef and Dune
  • Braza
  • Alfredo’s
  • Ski Boat Club
  • Fisherman’s Restaurant

If you only have a day to explore St Lucia and you search for “Things to do in St Lucia” on Google, it can be overwhelming. Many activities require planning and booking in advance. But if you’re like me and prefer to go with the flow when you travel, this itinerary is perfect for you.

Photos: Jordyn Johnson

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