A moonlit cycle through Cape Town MzansiBride

Winona Griggs

A magical moonlit bike ride in Cape Town

I recently had the incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful streets of Cape Town on a bike. Not only was it an exciting adventure, but it was also for a great cause – raising money for the Rock Girl Safe Spaces initiative.

Picture this: a calm, clear night with the moon shining brightly and the stars twinkling above. Forty people, including myself, gathered outside the enchanting Grand Daddy Hotel on Long Street. Despite it being winter, the weather was on our side, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. We were ready to embark on a moonlit journey through the city.

Our group had a leader, Captain Colin, who guided us through the streets with expertise. Like a flock of graceful birds, we glided along, passing the Green Point Stadium and returning to our starting point, all under the watchful gaze of the moon and the streetlights. It felt almost dreamlike, and even though I was initially worried about cycling the 10 kilometers, it seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.

Back at the Grand Daddy, they served us some delicious BOS Iced Tea and snacks while the talented Nomadic Orchestra played catchy tunes in the background. It was the perfect combination of tasty treats and toe-tapping beats. Once we satisfied our hunger and quenched our thirst, the auction began. People eagerly bid on a two-night stay at the Grand Daddy Hotel and Old Mac Daddy. During the auction, we also learned more about Rock Girl and the amazing work they do in the community. Inspired by their efforts, I decided to sign up for a mosaic project and contribute to a bench.

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Everyone had a blast during the cycle ride. People of all ages and backgrounds joined in the fun – from young girls to elegant women, from caring mothers to adventurous teenage boys. Most of us weren’t avid cyclists or professional athletes. We were just ordinary folks, like me, looking to do something different and support a good cause. And we succeeded! That night, through the R50 entrance fee and the auction, we managed to raise an impressive R6,200 for Rock Girl. It goes to show that even a group of 40 ordinary people can make a real difference and have a great time while doing it.

Hey there, guess what? They’re organizing another moonlit ride in the future! Isn’t that exciting? And the best part is, it’s open to everyone – no matter how young or old, or how experienced you are as a cyclist. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

About Rock Girl

Picture this: a girl who feels safe going to school, safe at home, and determined to finish her education. A girl who won’t let anything hold her back. A girl who will make a real impact in her community.

That’s the idea behind Rock Girl – a powerful movement started by human rights lawyer India Baird and Karina Turok. It’s all about empowering girls to reclaim their space and create safe havens within their own neighborhoods in Cape Town and throughout South Africa. At the same time, Rock Girl raises awareness about violence and teaches girls how to address it.

I want to tell you about the Safe Spaces Initiative, which is a really cool project that focuses on creating safe places for girls and women. This campaign is all about raising awareness and promoting safety in schools, workplaces, and communities. It’s a grassroots effort, meaning that regular people like you and me are getting involved and making a difference.

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So, how does it work? Well, the Safe Spaces Initiative brings together artists, designers, and girls and women from the community. They all work together to create these special benches that symbolize a safe space. These benches are designed with care and placed in areas that need extra attention, usually in underprivileged communities.

But these benches aren’t just ordinary benches. They are works of art that represent both beauty and safety. When you see one of these benches, you’ll know that it’s a place where you can feel secure. It serves as a reminder that help and support are available in these communities.

And here’s the really cool part. For every safe space created with one of these Rock Girl benches, there’s another bench that is placed in a prominent spot in the city. These sister benches not only spread awareness but also create a sense of unity and solidarity.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rock Girl and the amazing work they do to create safe spaces for South African women, you can reach out to Michelle India Baird at 082-734-4569 or email her at [email protected] You can also visit their website at www.rockgirlsa.org.

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