5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

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The Best Places to Satisfy Your Curry Craving

When I get a craving for curry, I become determined to find the perfect spot where I can indulge my taste buds. Fortunately, there are some fantastic options in KwaZulu-Natal that never disappoint. So, if you’re like me and looking for a curry fix, here are five amazing places to consider:

1. The Spice House

The Spice House is a hidden gem tucked away in Durban. Known for their authentic and flavorful curries, this spot is a go-to for curry lovers. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and a wide variety of curry options to choose from, The Spice House never disappoints.

2. Curry O’s

If you find yourself in Umhlanga and in need of a curry fix, look no further than Curry O’s. This vibrant and trendy spot offers a modern twist on classic curry dishes. The menu is diverse, with options ranging from mild to spicy, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

3. The Curry Club

For those looking for a traditional Durban-style curry, The Curry Club is the place to be. They serve up generous portions of fragrant and rich curries that will leave you wanting more. The laid-back ambiance and friendly service make this spot a must-visit for curry enthusiasts.

4. Spice Emporium

If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for all your curry needs, look no further than Spice Emporium. This bustling marketplace offers a wide range of spices, ingredients, and ready-made curries. You can stock up on everything you need to make your own delicious curry at home or grab a ready-made curry to enjoy on the go.

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5. The Indian Chef

Situated in the heart of Durban, The Indian Chef is a popular choice for those seeking an authentic Indian curry experience. The menu features a variety of traditional and contemporary curry dishes, all made with the finest ingredients. The restaurant’s elegant decor and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

So, when that curry craving hits, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Give one of these incredible curry spots a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

Have you ever tasted curry anywhere else in the country that rivals the deliciousness found in KZN? I doubt it.

Skilled hands, stained with turmeric, effortlessly sprinkle an assortment of spices into massive pots that could double as potholes on South African roads. The result is a mouthwatering masterpiece with an irresistible aroma that clings to your clothes and hair.

But here’s the real test of a good Durban curry – the burn. This is where all my non-Durban curry experiences fall short. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to eat rocket fuel, but I do appreciate a little kick. That slow burn that leaves your heart in a state of confusion, not sure if it’s falling in love or just experiencing mild heartburn.

These KZN curry spots have been tried and tested, and they never disappoint. If you find yourself in or around Durban, I urge you to pay a visit to at least one of them (maybe with a glass of milk).

5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

1. Gateway Curries

Who would have thought that the best curry places are often hidden in unexpected places? That’s certainly the case with Gateway Curries, located within Mysteries Furniture Shop in Umhlanga. As a kid, I used to follow my interior designer mom around, and I can’t deny that one of the perks was stopping at Mystery’s for some samoosas. Trust me, their curries, bunny chows, and sweetmeats are just as amazing as their spicy deep-fried pastries!

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5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

Picture: Gateway Curries

  • Location: 2 Tetford Cir, Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa
  • Website: facebook.com/gatewaycurries
  • Contact: +27 31 566 4590

2. Hollywood

A good friend of mine asked me where she should take her family from out of town to get a taste of bunny chow. I told her she should definitely check out Hollywood Bunny Bar, and let me tell you, her uncle who happens to be a chef couldn’t stop raving about it for days afterwards. If you’re in the mood for an expertly crafted bunny chow (or any other spicy dish from their menu for that matter), this place is a must-visit.

  • Location: Springfield Retail Centre, Umgeni Business Park
  • Website: hollywoodbunnybar.co.za
  • Contact: +27 87 353 7634

3. Cindy’s

When my uncle moved overseas 25 years ago, he discovered the ultimate curry destination in Umhlali, South Africa. And let me tell you, it’s a taste sensation you won’t want to miss. Cindy’s curries are the stuff of legends, offering a delectable assortment of dishes that will leave your taste buds begging for more. From butter chicken to mutton curry, and even a mouthwatering bunny chow, this place has it all, and they do it oh so well. The only catch? You’ll have to take a 30-minute drive outside of Durban to experience this spicy heaven. But trust me when I say, every kilometer is worth it.

  • Location: Main Road Umhlali, Ballitoville
  • Website: facebook.com/cindysufp
  • Contact: +27 84 577 8228

4. Salt Rock Hotel

If you’re in the mood for a delicious curry and a breathtaking view, the Salt Rock Hotel is the perfect place for you. This hidden gem is located in KZN, just north of Durban, along the Salt Rock way. And let me tell you, people can’t stop raving about their mouthwatering dishes.

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For more than three decades, the Salt Rock Hotel has been delighting visitors with their incredible curry creations. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it myself, my fellow curry enthusiasts assure me that this place is top-notch.

5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

  • Location: Basil Hulett Dr, Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast
  • Website: saltrockbeach.co.za
  • Contact: +27 32 525 5025

5. Sea Belle

Curry with a view? Look no further than Sea Belle. They’re famous for their incredible prawn and fish curries, made with their secret blend of spices that will truly elevate your curry-eating experience. Imagine indulging in a flavorful seafood curry while gazing out at the majestic ocean. It’s the perfect way to spend a day in KZN.

5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

  • I am located at Beach Rd, Desainagar, Tongaat
  • You can find more information on my website: seabellerestaurant.co.za
  • To get in touch, give me a call at +27 32 941 5551

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