4 Honeymoon destinations to visit this winter

Winona Griggs

4 Amazing Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Imagine this: you and your partner, cozying up by a crackling fire, savoring a glass of rich, velvety red. It sounds like the perfect way to spend your honeymoon, doesn’t it? Well, look no further! I’ve got a list of four extraordinary winter honeymoon destinations just for you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. When it comes to honeymoons, tropical beaches and fruity cocktails may seem like the ultimate dream. But let me tell you, there’s something truly magical about spending your special getaway in a winter wonderland.

So, grab your loved one, snuggle up, and let’s explore these enchanting honeymoon accommodations together.

1. umVangati House, Hoedspruit

4 Honeymoon destinations to visit this winter

Imagine yourself and a loved one, basking in the breathtaking beauty of the majestic mountains from these incredible mountain-view suites. At umVangati House, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the renowned Blyde River Canyon, even while indulging in a luxurious soak in the corner baths provided. But the wonders don’t stop there – keep an eye out for wildlife right from your suite! You might just spot some fascinating animals as they gather around the nearby watering hole.

umVangati House offers the perfect escape from the demands of everyday life. Whether you prefer to relax and do nothing at all or embark on an exhilarating hike near the canyon and engage in thrilling game viewing in the nearby game reserves, the choice is yours!

  • Rates: R5,390.00 (Luxury Mountain View Suite 2; Special)
  • Location: Swadini Road, Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga
  • Website: umvangati.co.za
  • Contact: [email protected]
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2. Lion Sands Treehouses, Sabi Sands Game Reserve

4 Honeymoon destinations to visit this winter

Come have the honeymoon of a lifetime and experience the enchantment of Lion Sands Treehouses. Nestled in the heart of the African wilderness, these magical treehouses offer you a unique and exhilarating experience. Safely perched above the ground, you can bask in the soothing sounds of nature and be mesmerized by the breathtaking views that stretch far and wide.

As the sun begins to set, a friendly and knowledgeable game ranger will personally escort you to your treehouse. Here, you and your beloved partner can indulge in a romantic picnic dinner, surrounded by the beauty of the sunset as your backdrop. Rest assured, the treehouses are designed to keep you safe from any wildlife encounters, so you can focus on each other and the awe-inspiring scenery.

Your honeymoon should be a time of wonder and new beginnings, and there’s no better place to start this journey than the African bush. The Lion Sands Treehouses provide an intimate and magical setting for you and your spouse to create unforgettable memories and embark on a lifelong adventure together. Book your stay now and let the wonders of nature transform your honeymoon into a fairytale.

3. Alveston Manor, Middleberg

4 Honeymoon destinations to visit this winter

Hey there! If you’re in the mood for some serious pampering, then look no further than the Alveston Manor Boutique Hotel & Spa. They’ve got everything you need to indulge and relax. This 4-star hotel is all about top-notch service, from the romantic turndown service to a delicious breakfast in bed. And oh, did I mention their in-house restaurant? They serve the most amazing meals and drinks, using fresh herbs straight from their own garden. Plus, their spa is absolutely award-winning, with a team of highly qualified experts ready to give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

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Now, let me give you some important details:

  • Rates: It’ll cost you R1 350 per person.
  • Location: Alveston Manor Boutique Hotel & Spa can be found at 21 Hexrivier St, Middelburg.
  • Website: You can visit their website at alvestonmanor.com.
  • Contact: If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, simply send an email to [email protected]

4. Waterfall Lodge, Chamonix in Franschhoek

4 Honeymoon destinations to visit this winter

Imagine this: a cozy lodge nestled between majestic mountains, where you can escape with your loved one and indulge in your passion for wine. Picture yourself savoring glasses of liquid bliss while being mesmerized by the tranquil sight and sound of a nearby waterfall. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take a refreshing plunge in your very own private rock pool?

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