Troy & Katleho

Troy & Katleho

We met at church in 2018, with a simple greeting and went about our day with our friends. He saw me again in March in one of our church outreaches and got to know each other more.

A year later 2019 August 31st, he asked me out, 6 months later we hosted a games night with close friends, only to find out he was planning on proposing LOL.

Unfortunately, Covid came around and we had to postpone our Lobola date which was set for early April, it ended up taking place in October.

We also had to move our wedding date which we were planning on having it on the 6th of April 2021 and decided it would be safer for everyone if we have it in May.

We thank God for my friend Zama, who told me about Zodwa bridal, they were such a dream to work with and I remember meeting Nanar when I was a bridesmaid for one of my close friends, she was so professional and I told her, ” When I get married, I’m definitely going to call you to do my hair.” and I thank God i did, she is amazing and so much fun.

My friend Zama who owns Zeee Celebrations was basically my wedding planner did the deco at the venue, she made the journey so much easier.

We have friends who own a jewellery company called Shiba Designs, they did our rings.

Our wedding day was something we never envisioned for ourselves, we were living a dream and we will forever be grateful to everyone who was involved.

What was your favourite aspect of the day?

Finally walking down the isle and being pronounced Husband and Wife.

What would you change in hindsight?

Nothing at all.

What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

Save up, if you have a fairytale pricey wedding, and this is a journey that you and your future husband are taking, have each others back in everything you do, even when it comes to family members.

How Has Married Life Been? Any insights you can share?

It is so much fun and there is so much growth you experience, learn from every situation you experiencing together.


(**Starred = Mzansi Bride suppliers – Click on the name to access their listing)
(PS: We always ask our couples to only list the service providers they were happy with)


Wedding Planner: @Zeee-celebration

Bride’s Dress: @Zodwabridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: @Zodwabridal

Invites: @Kat_Malope

Venue: @Montevistavenue

Catering: @Montevistavenue

Photography: @Motlha_n

Videography: @Motlha_n

Hair: @Hairbynanar

Makeup: @Makeupbytsholo

Decor: @Zeee_celebrations

Flowers: @Zeee_celebrations

Stationery: @Zeee_celebrations

Jewellery: @Shiba_designs

Entertainment: @Lungimotaung

Sound, stage & lighting:  @Montavistavenue

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