Tayla And Errol

Tayla And Errol

Errol and I were best friends in high school for four years ,when we became high school seniors we started dating. Once we had finished school we decided that any chance we got away from studying and work we would travel so we done just that we visited every province in South Africa and fell more and more in love with each other as we got to explore the beauty of life and also grow together . 

We loved going on little adventures and exploring our beautiful country. January 28th 2020 I will never stop reminiscing about this day, after seven years of dating Errol proposed .He took me to a beautiful orange farm in the North West province for my birthday that had a little rustic restaurant on it called the silver orange everything about that day was charming . 

We planned our wedding for the 31st of December 2020 but due to the covid-19 restrictions, guests and even family members falling ill, our wedding had been postponed we were very concerned about our family and guests and even began to contemplate if it’s safe enough for our guests and family to even be apart of our wedding or if our marriage would even be possible with all the covid-19 restrictions at the time but thanks to my amazing suppliers they were all extremely understanding and encouraging they helped make our dream wedding a reality. 

My husband and I are people that find beauty and gratitude in the simpler things in life like, love, family, spiritually, food and nature our wedding planner together with the venue services and photographer really done an amazing job at creating a beautifully simple and yet still tasteful wedding that was best suited for us, everything about our day was magical from the serene garden ceremony that was filled with beautiful fresh flowers and amazing attention to detail by weddings by Esmie, she’s an absolute maestro when it comes to weddings and a darling to work with, she could not have been more understanding and done a spectacular job at delivering what we wanted her detail work is amazing I absolutely loved my cascading bridal bouquet and our guests and family were really impressed with the aesthetics of both our ceremony and reception. We really felt the intimacy and love of our family and friends standing with us on the day and we are really grateful to have shared our precious moments with them.

Our reception was filled with tears of love ,laughter , good food and lots of dancing which really was the highlight of our evening and when our reception had come to an end and it was just my husband and I we had a small moment where we looked back at all the planning and challenges we were faced with and we realized how worth it it was as our wedding really was a fine representation of our love . A day we will reminisce about for the rest of our lives.

What Was Your Favourite Aspect Of The Day?

I really felt the atmosphere of our ceremony as I walked down the isle I could literally feel all the love and intimacy in the air and that was a very sacred moment for Errol and I that we will treasure forever . I also loved the evening when we got to unwind and have some fun we had an absolute blast and it’s something I can confidently say we all enjoyed.

What Would You Change in Hindsight?

I would really change how I panicked , stressed and obsessed about all of our wedding plans falling into place because everything turned out absolutely perfect .



What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

I would advise future brides to plan their wedding well ahead as it leaves a lot less room for mistakes and let downs , have confidence in your planning and if you feeling over whelmed there’s no harm in seeking help from others , also remember that your wedding is all about you and your husband so what you guys want always is first preference.

How Has Married Life Been? Any insights you can share?

Married life has been amazing we really are still learning and growing together we are excited for the future as we go on new ventures together as our own little family. much for us. 


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Wedding Planner: @weddingsbyesmie**

Bride’s Dress: @bridalwardrobe

Groom’s Suit: @eurosuit

Page boy outfits: @kocobino

Venue: @randomharvestnursery


Cake: @cherry_whisk

Photography: @budgetbride

Hair: @makeupbynaidene


Decor: @weddingsbyesmie**

Flowers: @weddingsbyesmie**

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