Levi & Thembeka Malevu

Levi & Thembeka Malevu

My husband and I met 11 years ago at a Chill Session. I was doing my matric and what attracted me to him was his willingness to assist even with my math and physics.  He was so kind, he even came with me to my farewell hardly a month after we met. He would always remind me of how he’s in my life to stay…

A few months later I left the province for my studies and he continued being supportive. We used to spend most of our weekends together, hhhhmmmm I’m being reminded of our beautiful days? …..

I remember one Sunday, driving back to Pretoria he said “I can’t wait for us to start a family. I see us at our home at this time with our kids running around the the house”.

One thing he said that motivated me to push at school and not repeat any subjects was “You finishing school will determine when I bring the cows”

Oh yes! He definitely kept his promise. A few months after graduation, he gave me a white envelope to give to my mom. I honestly thought it was an invitation. Weeks later he brought live cows home.

Planning our wedding was very exciting. We had a huge traditional event in 2014 and a few things didn’t go as we wished mainly because we didn’t really plan it but that alone was a lesson. It prepared us for the planning of our Wedding, though one can never be fully prepared especially of the outcome on the day.

Finding the perfect dress design was the easiest. On my first appointment with the designers, I already knew I wanted an off shoulder with lots of pearls and the designers did magic!



What Was Your Favourite Aspect Of The Day?

It has to be our reception especially after our Bishop revived the love for everyone during the Holy Matrimonial.

Reception turned into a beautiful vibe. Love was being indeed celebrated! Interacting with our beautiful guests who travelled all the way to celebrate with us was amazing!


What Would You Change in Hindsight?

I would make it a two day wedding. I would have Umabo (the traditional ceremony of giving gifts to the groom and his family) on a different day so it doesn’t interfere with the white wedding schedule.


What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

  • Marriage is a gift from God. In your planning process, invite God. Communicate with him. Every chance you get PRAY because even the devil is at work.
  • Book (Secure with a deposit) as soon as you know your date and settle your balances a month or two before wedding.
  • You and your husband know your plans and your budget and it is very important to stick to the plan and remember there’s life and reality after the wedding nuptials.
  • Men stress more than us, stay strong for both of you.
  • Plan and pay for your honeymoon at least three months before wedding. If you can’t afford your dream honeymoon, book somewhere affordable but please, take time off together, you deserve it!

How Has Married Life Been? Any insights you can share?

It’s been fun. More like we are girlfriend and boyfriend again. We are reminded once again that love is beautiful and we will forever be thankful to God for our beautiful gift of Love.



(**Starred = Mzansi Bride suppliers)
(PS: We always ask our couples to only list the service providers they were happy with)

Wedding Planner : Zinhle (Team Hlasela)
Bride’s Dress: Orapeleng Modutle**
Groom’s Suit : Relevance For Men Tailored Suits
Bridesmaids Dresses : Kelmore Designs
Cake : Annicas Designer Patiserrie
Photography : Kwanda Photography**
Makeup : Motee Signatures
Decor : Functions We Do
Stationery : Minuteman Press
Jewellery : Browns
Entertainment: Brenden Praise, NatzEfx

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