Anelisa and Zama

Anelisa and Zama

How we met: From the Brides perspective

 It was that move that would years later find me walking in the doors of Lyndhurst Baptist Church at 15 years, where Zama and I met. A year or two into youth I remember my sister once mentioning “I think Zama likes you”, that sentence was the beginning of what would be a long journey for me and with him. Our stories intertwined years ago. The nicknames and names we have shared are reflections of our progressing journey. He started out as simply, “Zama” a guy I met and would ordinarily greet at youth for the sake of being polite. Then things got interesting when I saw him with a different lens. In an attempt to hide my feelings he became “Brother”. As my crush developed there was “Hunio”, then later “M.I.L” (Man I Love). In between all that “Chomi” came into play, he had become my very best friend. On the 13th of December, he became, “My Zama” “My Love” “My husband” 


How we met: From the Grooms perspective

Around the time I joined a youth group in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg was the same time I met Anelisa for the first time. I was 15. I watched her from a distance with my thoughts and observations and judgments. I didn’t like her. I thought she was quite attractive but generally not the kind of person I’d want to know and be known by; she was loud, she sought and kept attention, she was much too inquisitive, and she danced too. I didn’t like dancers because they did so well and confidently what I only wished I could do. But it would become clear over the years of collaboration at Youth that we worked very well together, and on one of the many trips to UJ where she’d ask me for a lift, we got to see glimpses of each others’ hearts. 


I started looking forward to her requests. At some point in our long friendship, I understood what Adam meant in Genesis when he laid eyes on Eve: This, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. Of course, everyone around us had seen it way before I caught on, but once I did, there was no letting this one slip! 


The Proposal I don’t know why all good surprises involve “lies” but this surprise was covered up with “We are having dinner with Rory and Kate”. His Uncles had come to our home; leather coats, Izithakezelo, the “uyabazi labantu” question had all been done on the 26th of September 2020. So I knew the proposal was coming, I just wasn’t sure when or where, or how. On the 4th of October 2020, I realized that “Rory and Kate” were a bunch of our friends that came together for the surprise proposal. Now I’m sure you thinking, “Wow a surprise, how do you even know how to look good”. Well, all I can say is “Holy Spirit”. As I was getting ready that day my spirit had an inkling.


 I walked up the stairs to meet “Rory and Kate” at the Fire Room in Monte and was met by familiar faces walking up to me and before I knew it my future husband was on one knee in a private room with our friends surrounding us. Journey to the 13th, God is good. I saw and experienced this. I love planning and I’m quite a planner but God showed me who the original Planner was. Every single little detail was planned by Him and I marveled as I watched it unfold, It felt like the 13th was a movie. When I say every detail, I mean every; I had always wanted my bridesmaids to be different, not the typical same color different style, or same color same everything. I had therefore desired, an ancient thought at this point, that I had wanted the same dress but with different colors, God reminded me of this desire during quiet time.


 I had doubts of it working but if God had impressed it on my heart, I marched on in faith. Yep, the proposal was October, so if we got married in December of that year, you can do the maths, we didn’t have the luxury of planning for a year (which was never a desire of mine in any case). We literally only saw 3 venues and chose. Now those who are close to me can tell you I usually like to have a bunch of options than making a choice. But this choice was simple and quick, our “Save The Date” would now have a venue on it – Oakfield Farm. 


We came up with the ‘Step’ in my husband’s kitchen with him and his sisters. We came up with the majority of it in a few hours! Our first dance would be accompanied by the “Colour of Love” by Boys to Men, we figured out this “young routine” in an evening. “A to Z” our wedding website was beautifully constructed by my sister-in-law. My gallery was bombarded with a bunch of screenshots of possible bridal gowns. Eventually, I found my one at The Bridal House. 


The background theme, which clearly only God knew that vision, was “Royalty”. I wanted a huge bridal petticoat with numerous hoops under my dress to give it that ballroom, Disney princess feel. When my little cousins looked at my wedding pictures, they looked at my bridesmaids and said “Wow, they look like they Disney princess! ” and they were 100% right. It was never the intention but that’s how it turned out and I loved it. I walked down the aisle with Tasha Cobb’s song “Royalty”. My mom and I searched every major mall in our area and could not find a decent pair of shoes for me. We eventually found them at “the spot”! Looking back at my pictures I now know why they were so important to me. Closer to the wedding day the budget was already stretched. 


I remember looking at the bridal robes thinking, I really want to get these for the girls! I want to have a white robe for myself too! And cute matching slippers! A desire that God materialized! I don’t know how but God made the robes happen! I ordered them so last minute but they arrived in time from another province!  There are so many other details that went into this day, Deco I never expected on getting but God provided, my necklace that went missing on the day but it turns out it actually wasn’t needed and and and. Needless to say, God is in every detail, just give Him room. 


The 13th My sister, Mom, and Dad made our way to the venue that morning. The preps were underway and quite frankly on that day there is very little you can do, both practically and for your own level of sanity. I was literally plastered on my chair for make-up and that was it, the rest God was doing behind the scenes. My hair was done from the day before. We stepped into our bridal robes and took pictures, in a few minutes I was in my bridal gown and it was crunch time. 

The girls and I were dressed and the aisle was a few minutes away. I was only half an hour late from walking down the aisle, for an African woman that deserves an applause! I remember my make-up artist keeping me calm, I was very grateful to God for her because I was somewhat nervous, or rather , anxious for everything to get started! Praise God, as soon as I stepped into my carriage all those emotions that were wrestling my peace ceased. I waited in my carriage and heard my husbands “aisle song” play, I was cheering him on in my mind! A few more moments and it would be my turn. The horse made its way to the church. 


The day was absolutely amazing, from church to reception. The timing of the programs 1000% did not go as planned but still turned out perfectly . As we said “Thank you” to our guests I was amazed at how I could look around the room and thank them all for coming, I covered a lot of ground thanks to our small lockdown numbers. The 13th; we danced, we ate, we listened, we celebrated with friends, we laughed, shed tears of joy, took tons of pictures, we praised God, on the 13th of December 2020 we got married.

What Was Your Favourite Aspect Of The Day?

Watching Gods plan unfold

What Would You Change in Hindsight?

To do much less planning in my mind and trusting God more. Inviting a friend who couldn’t make it because of tight numbers.



What Advice Would You Give to Future Brides?

When the day comes, let go, you need to focus on being present. There is little controlling you can do, so don’t bother just be present to your present and enjoy, whether it turns out the way you planned or not, enjoy.

How Has Married Life Been? Any insights you can share?

Be intentional. Be grateful. Trust God.


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(PS: We always ask our couples to only list the service providers they were happy with)


 Bride’s Dress: @thebridalhousesa

 Bridesmaids Dress: Magda Moller

 Groomsmens suits: @ex3trodinary_sa

 Venue: @oakfieldfarmweddingvenue

 Cake: @monate_ka_ganong__

 Photography: @studiosonesto

 Videography: @masilelaphotography

 Hair: @ruutosbrides**

Bride’s Makeup: @mai_themakeupartist**

 Bridesmaids makeup: @makeupbykganya

 Decor: @lelethu_style_events

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